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No one wants to smell like an ashtray.

Nearly 90 percent of Americans object to the smell of tobacco smoke in their clothes, hair and skin. And it's not just an issue with nonsmokers. Nearly 70 percent of smokers say they're bothered, too, when they smell of smoke.

A new solution to this common problem is now available in the United States.

BANISH™ personal smoke deodorizer is a water-based mist that removes same-day tobacco smoke odor trapped in clothes, hair and skin. 

Unlike perfume or cologne, the product contains no scent of its own, so it doesn't cover or mask the smell. The natural, nontoxic spray neutralizes the odor as it evaporates and works best when used within a few hours after exposure to smoke.

BANISH™ personal smoke deodorizer quickly and conveniently removes same-day tobacco smoke odor from clothes and hair with a simple spray - and is even effective and safe for skin.  

See what people say about  BANISH and about cigarette smoke..

BANISH™ in the News


Down on Smoke

Smoky clothes and hair annoy the vast majority of Americans, and not just nonsmokers.

Smoky Situations

Nearly 70 percent of the smokers in a national survey on tobacco smoke odor say they're bothered, too, when their clothes and hair smell of smoke.

Smelling Like an Ashtray

Smokers' clothes and hair smell of smoke eight times as often as nonsmokers'. How often Americans smell like an ashtray:

Staying Clear of Smoke

More than half of all Americans regularly avoid certain places to keep from smelling of cigarette smoke afterward. Types of places most commonly avoided:

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