Other treatments for Acne Scarring

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How to Get Rid of Acne Scar

Acne scars are one of the problems experienced by both men and women in their body. It is a fact that having acne scars is not good primarily in the face. Everybody knows that acne can cause pimples, when pimples do not properly healed, these create scars that can last for longer years.

There are times that it lessens the beauty and appeal of the individuals even if they wear very well. That’s why many people want to know how they can banish acne scars in their face and other parts of their body. Generally, skin experts created these treatments that will help them in removing acne scars. With the presence of these treatments, individual who have plenty of acne scars will have an easy process in removing it.

  1. Micro- Dermabrasion

This is a helpful treatment that can get rid of the dead skin cells, which are located in the top layer of the skin. This is coarser process that usually removes some layers of the skin that still have dead skin cell. Dermatologist will freeze your face, and after a few minutes, he/she will start to remove the dry and dead skin cells through the use of sanding process. After undergoing the treatment, you will wait for about 3 to four weeks until it bring back the beautiful and flawless skin that you formerly have.

  1. Laser Resurfacing

Laser resurfacing is the process used to remove pimples and banish acne scars. This is one of the latest treatments that are being used by dermatologists to get rid of acne scars. This treatment utilizes two types of laser: YAG laser and CO2 laser. Both of these have the same function in Micro- Dermabrasion. It also removes the layers of the skin that has dead skin cells.

  1. Chemical peel

This treatment is only recommended to be used by individuals who have light acne scar. This chemical is applied in the top layer of the skin and after 15 minutes it can remove the dead skin cells. At first, it will make the skin in the face swelling and red because the first layer of the skin is removed.

  1. Punch technique

This is one of the most recommended treatments for people who have deep acne scars. The procedure on this treatment is just like on the hair transplant, the skin that has deep scars will be punched, and automatically the dead skin cells will remove. The recovery process of it takes a couple of weeks.

  1. Augmentation

Augmentation is the method wherein the dermatologists will use injectable fillers like collagen. It will be placed underneath the skin to smoothen the acne scarred in the skin. But, is it safe for individuals if they prefer to put fats rather than collagen. The recovery process for augmentation is only few days.

With these treatments, people who have acne scars in their face and other parts of the body will have a lot of options. These treatments are free from side effects, and it is offered for a reasonable price.

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