11 of the Most Reliable Home Remedies for Acne You'll Love

May 23, 2018 0 Comments

11 of the Most Reliable Home Remedies for Acne You'll Love

by Samantha

Skincare discussions abound with talk ofhome remedies for acne;there’s a simplistic appeal in sticking to our roots as much as we can in this ever-changing and progressing society we live in. There’s always a new “it” item, and while these fadstend toburn bright and then fizzle out, somehome remedies for acnenever lose their appeal.

And if you’re a skeptic like me,you’ll be pleasantly surprised to learn that manyhome remedies for acne can besurprisingly effective.

1.BANANA PEELS – Don’t throw those banana peels in the compost just yet because they’re good for your skin, too! While it may not work as effectively as some otherhome remedies for acne, it is a safe, gentle and effective option especially for people with sensitive skin or minimalist skincare routines.

Banana peels contain an assortment of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants which can help to fight inflammation caused by acne.You can try rubbing the inside of the peel directly onyour pimples 1-3x aday, or you can go to bed with your banana peel facial, rinse it off in the morning and wake up with clearer skin! After several days of use, you shouldnotice an improvement in your skin.

The bonus to this is, ifyou eat a lot of bananas like I do, then you’ve got yourself an endless supply of an all-natural spot treatment/face mask.

2.ICE CUBESIce never fails when a big, inflamed, red stop sign of a pimple is your nemesis. Nothing will cut the inflammation and redness from a pimple quite like a blast of the cold stuff.

Apply an ice pack covered with a thin towel to a large area of inflamed acneor ruban ice cube directly on a pimple for spot reduction.

3.RAW APPLE CIDER VINEGAR – A lot of people have ACV in their homes for salad dressings and an array of other home remedies. In itsraw form,it isone of myfaves; as amulti-purpose home remedy,I use it for my hair, in clay face masks, as well asfora toner(andmany other uses around the house).

Apple cider vinegar contains organic acids whichwork bykilling acne-causing bacteria and maintaining the skin’s pH-balanced moisture barrier.

Dilute3 parts water to1 part ACV and apply toyourface after cleansing for a clearer complexion. Conversely, if spot treating, you can apply it directly to the spot, undiluted. For sensitive skin, you may need to dilute more.

4.GREEN TEA TONER/MASKGreen tea is probably one of the mostamazinghome remedies you’ll come across for acne, not just to use topically, but to drink, too!

While green tea won’t offer fast results using it as a spot treatment on a big pimple,agreen teatoner or mask followed by one of the other home remedies mentioned here will take your results the extra mile!The antioxidants in green tea, as well as its ability toreduce sebum production, make it a powerful contender for one of the besthome remedies for acne.

5. PAPAYA/PUMPKIN/PINEAPPLE MASK – Using anyone of these ingredients in aface mask will help give those pimples the old heave-ho. All are appropriately acidic for the skin, allowing their enzymes to exert their antioxidant, antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory effects on the skin to combat acne. These acids will also work to loosen the sticky bonds between skin cells, enabling them to shed better for less clogged pores in the future. I like to use these in masks at night so that my skin glows in the morning.

6. ECHINACEA EXTRACT – This one might surprise you, but if you haveanyliquidechinaceaextractlying around the housefor cold and flu season, it mightalsopull double duty as a gentleand effectivespot treatment! Not only does it control the growth of acne-causing bacteria, it also fightsinflammation! The study specifically usedEchinaforce® (only buy from a company you trust!).

7. TEA TREE OIL –Tea tree oil seems to make it on to ALL my favorites lists, and forgood reason. Anyone who has ever triedtea tree oil for acne knows that it is potent AF and can literallyzap a gnarly pimple overnight. Although some people use tea tree oil in face washes or moisturizers,pure tea tree oil is a favorite of mine to keep around for everything from spot treating pimples to soothing an itchy scalp! This is my go-to if I want a drastic overnight reduction in a pimple and it never fails me.

8. TURMERIC MASK –Turmeric joins green tea, apple cider vinegar, and tea tree oil as one of my top favoritehome remedies for acne. If you don’t have turmeric in your pantry, you should. I use it to add flavor and color to a variety of tasty dishes, as well as to keep my acne away!

Turmeric contains curcumin which is anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial and antioxidative, making it a triple threat for acne. I like to mix turmeric in a mask with papaya, pumpkin, or pineapple for a boosted acne benefit.

9. CLOVE OIL – Clove oil is another do-it-all oil that is frequently found in homeswhich can also act as a super fast-acting spot treatment. It fights acne-causingbacteria and ismore effective at treating acne than 1% clindamycin. Like all essential oils, clove oil should be applied diluted with a carrier. Thankfully, applying it with aloevera appears toenhance the anti-acne properties of clove oil.

10. CITRONELLA OIL – This one might also surprise you, but out of all the essential oils tested in one study against acne-causing bacteria, citronella oil was found to be themost effective. Dab a little on a pesky pimple and watch it fade!

11. ASPIRIN – And when all else fails, aspirin has got your back. A cousin to our acne favorite, salicylic acid, aspirin will have similar effects on your pimples. You can crush a few and mix it with water to make a mask, or just use the paste on stubborn spots and then rinse it off after it dries.

While somehome remedies for acnemight not produce the same startling results as others,you don’t have to look too far past your kitchen pantry for treatments that you’ll love.