How to get rid of acne scarring from the banish acne scars kit!

December 21, 2013 5 min read 0 Comments

Do you want to Banish your Acne Scars?


I created this system because I was amazed how many people didn't know about the wonders of micro needling rollers. The only way I found out about it was through so many of my subscribers emailing me to try it. It has done wonders to my skin, significantly lightening my acne scars and making my complexion brighter and clearer!


I know how terrible it is to live with acne, and once that is over, you have the aftermath of scars to deal with. I tried nearly everything to get rid of my scars. I went to numerous dermatologists and plastic surgeons. However, the option of burning my face with lasers was not appealing and I could not afford the tens of thousands of dollars it cost for acne scar treatments.


I found out about micro skin rolling from several of my subscribers telling me it would work wonders for my acne scars. I was very apprehensive about poking my skin. However, after only couple of at home treatments, I got comments from my friends saying my skin "glowed" and "what foundation are you wearing" when I wasn't wearing any makeup! I also received hundreds of emails/comments from my subscribers telling me my skin had cleared up. I hadn't changed anything in my skincare routine or lifestyle, except incorporating the micro skin rolling system.


Due to my subscribers requests, I created videos about how I used the micro skin rolling and other products I used with it. I couldn't believe how much traffic came to that video and the thousands of emails I got with people asking me about the products and method. I tried my best to respond to everyone, but I could not keep up with the amount of mail I got. Furthermore, all the questions were based upon different products so I couldn't respond to everyone knowing they all used different combination of products…


Which is how the idea came into play


I thought, why not create a standardized set of micro rollers and routines with the proper education and technique so that people can receive a standardized kit and ask questions based on that? The concept of micro skin rolling seems very intimidating; however, it's so easy to use if people just know how it works! Why was there no good education on that?


As a self starter, I decided to go out and create it! I call it "Banish Acne Scars" System, because that's what it does!


How Acne Scars Form:


Acne scars form when a pimple breaks the follicle walls and ruptures nears the skin's surface. This breaks the follicle walls of the skin. To repair the skin, the skin forms new collagen to repair itself. However this 'repair job' is not as smooth as the original skin, which is why the skin appears bumpy and uneven.




How Roller Works:

-The bristles on the roller puncture micro tiny holes so tiny that it will not produce any scars. These holes dig deeper into the epidermis of the skin. To fix this 'hole' the skin produces collagen and elastin. If you roll  six times, this is over a thousand bristle entries which stimulates new collagen fibers. This will help new skin rebuild itself and repair the scar.


For most of our skincare, the serums and creams we use only penetrate the upper dermis of the skin, not penetrating the inner most parts of skin. In the case of acne scarring, the damage of the scars starts in the deeper layers of the skin. Therefore for effective treatment, it's necessary to treat the deepest layers of skin. The minuscule 'hole' in the skin creates a channel for vitamin rich serum to penetrate the skin.


When we use our serums and creams normally, the serums aren't able to penetrate the superficial layer of skin. However, by using the vitamin rich serum (included in the kit) with the micro needle roller, the vitamins are able to penetrate more deeply in the skin and promote better results. The serum in the kit is a Vitamin C+E solution. Vitamin C promotes brightening of the skin, which is great for lightening post acne marks and hyper pigmentation; Vitamin E replenishes and rebuilds the skin. The vitamins will reach the inner most layer of skin, thus helping rejuvenate and creating new skin over the scar.



OPTIONAL: Micro skin rolling, at first, may be painful. For beginners, a numbing cream can be applied all over the face. Another recommendation is to use an ice pack to numb the face before needling or to take some ibuprofen an hour before rolling. These steps are optional, as pain threshold differs for everyone.


-minor bleeding may occur and is normal part of micro skin rolling process. However, if uncomfortable with the bleeding, it is recommended to stop micro needling and begin again at some other time.


-Roller is recommended to be used up to 10 times before purchase of another roller. The reason for this is to avoid any infection on the skin. Much like the replacement of contact lens case, it's important to replace the roller frequently to avoid infection. Additionally, it is best to replace the bristles as old ones can be dull and injure the skin.

-Store Vitamin Rich Serum in a cool, dark place. When the serum becomes a yellow color, it means it has oxidized. This oxidized serum can be used on the skin; however, it will not be as effective as a fresh batch. It is recommended that serum be repurchased every 2 months, as efficacy will fade away over time.

-Do not share roller with anyone

-You can roll as often as you can, but it's recommended to start out with once a month and then build up to every two weeks. It takes about a month for skin to heal, so be patient to see results!


Please note that scarring is damage to the skin and don't believe any product or treatment that will guarantee flawless skin overnight! It takes months, upon years, for the skin to heal. My skin still has some remnants of scarring, but looks way better than it did 6 months ago.


Other notes:


I want you to trust the system and take your time with it. Set aside an afternoon to try it out, and then use it once a month and see how your skin looks after 3-6 months. I started seeing improvements within the first month. My mom immediately told me "wow, your skin looks blooming!" like there was a natural glow to my skin. She also couldn't notice the scars that once bothered