How to Buy a Skin Product

March 17, 2016 2 min read 0 Comments

By: Lucille McClinn


Buying a new skin product can be a difficult decision. A new product could make or break your skin, and it’s tough to know which way it will go. To avoid a bad situation, there are certain guidelines to take into consideration before buying a product. Taking proper precautions can help you elude a breakout, irritation, or a terrible reaction.

Always look at the ingredients.There are certain ingredients that can break your skin out, for instance mineral oil, sodium lauryl sulfate, or sodium laureth sulfate. If your instinct  thinks an ingredient will break you out, put the product back on the shelf, it’s not worth the try. Natural ingredients are usually best, especially for acne. They are less likely to irritate and you won’t be putting so much chemicals on your face. It’s best to check the ingredient list whenever you buy something, in case it contains something you’re allergic to. Always keep in mind that just because a product has a certain ingredient in it, doesn’t mean it will work. Just keep your eyes open and make sure you check the list anytime you buy merchandise for your skin.

Look at prices and compare. Just because an item is expensive, doesn’t mean it will work. Sometimes the cheaper products are just as good, or better, than high end ones. Try to have a budget in mind and stick to it. Don’t overspend because you’re convinced a product is the cure of all cures. Keep in mind that a brand name is just a name. Generic items are usually cheaper and have the same purpose as any other. However, sometimes it’s comforting to splurge on your skin, just remember to keep it to a minimum.

Research, research, research.It is so important to look up a product or brand, especially when it’s expensive. Reviews on a product can be very useful and let you know if a product actually works or not. They can tell you if a product is worth the money or if there are any possible side effects. Research the brand and the ingredients it uses to insure your health and safety.

Use logic.This should be common sense. If you’re thinking about buying a product that claims it can cure all of your skin problems in one use, then you should probably keep looking. Understand that an item will never work in a matter of days and know that it may not even work for your skin. Think it through before buying products and always be cautious.

Focus on one problem at a time.Don’t buy multiple items for different things like acne, wrinkles, or under eye circles. If you have acne, focus on that first and slowly work your way to beautiful skin. It won’t do any good to overload your skin with a multitude of different problems.


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