Unexpected Tips For Clearer Skin

March 30, 2016 0 Comments

by: LydiaHanicak


We all know the common tricks and tips that prevent breakouts and lead to clearer skin; drink lots of water, exercise, eat healthy, be stress free, etc. However, there are several more uncommon ways to prevent acne in your everyday life.


Be careful when spraying perfume

A single spray of perfume contains hundreds of ingredients including ethyl alcohol, water, essential oils, synthetic fragrances, coumarin (used to enhance scent), and pthalates. When spraying, be careful not to get any near your face or neck area! Facial skin is extra sensitive to these ingredients in common perfumes. It may not seem like a big concern, but if you wear perfume or cologne on a regular basis, it may be causing your breakouts if you are not careful.


Change your pillowcase weekly

When you sleep, your pillowcase collects oils from your face, dirt, and dead skin cells, all on a nightly basis. The buildup of these substances on your pillowcase will cause breakouts if you do not change your pillowcase at least once a week. There also exists a company that manufactures pillowcases made especially for people with acne prone skin, called Nufabryx. Each Nufabryx pillowcase is made with natural bamboo fibers that is gentle on the skin and as you sleep, it releases a combination of tea tree oil, lavender, and lemon balm onto your face to fight breakouts while you sleep. I have been using the Nufabryx pillowcase for about a month now and I have noticed that I have been breaking out less, and my skin is refreshed when I wake up.


Tell your boyfriend to shave

This one may seem slightly ridiculous. However, it has been proven that if your partner has long facial hair, you are more prone to acne. During cuddling, kissing, or other facial interactions, bacteria and oils trapped in the hair follicles of his beard can transfer to your face and cause breakouts.


Use unscented laundry detergent

Laundry detergents with dyes and perfumes may be causing your facial and body breakouts. These detergents contain extra chemicals and synthetic materials; when your clothes or sheets come in contact with your skin, irritation can occur. Especially if you have sensitive skin, try to use an unscented or natural detergent. Also, try to avoid dryer sheets; although they do make your clothes smell good, they also contain added chemicals and can cause skin irritation.