How I Keep My Hair Color so Vibrant and Amazing

April 06, 2016 2 min read 0 Comments

by: Amanda Ennett


My hair is Atomic Pink. If you know anything about fashion colors, you know the difficulty of getting them into your hair and keeping them out.


Disclaimer: I am not a hairstylist. I am simply sharing what has worked for me.

My color obsession started one day when I could no longer stand my blonde highlights in my naturally dark brown hair. It was a Wednesday morning and I up and decided to dye my hair magenta. Under the advice of a YouTube starlet I used L’oreal Hi-Color in Magenta with a 30 vol. developer. I followed the directions and BAM, I had gorgeous pinky-purple hair. It was glorious.

Well glory soon started to fade. The bummer about red-toned hair colors is that they fade easily due to their pigment size. It does not sink deep into your hair strands. Here are the first rules I discovered to help preserve colorful hair:

  1. Wash with cool water. Using cold water helps keep your hair follicles closed, not only preserving your color but also making your hair shinier.
  2. Don’t wash so much. In general, we as people wash our hair too much. If you want longer, healthier hair, wash less often. Natural oil is good for your hair.
  3. When you wash and condition, use sulfate-free, color safe shampoos. I really like using as close to natural as possible products. Personally, I use Aveda’s Madder Root red shampoo.

Armed with these rules, the life and brightness of my color extended a little. But really, I was only seeing good color for about 2-4 weeks at best. My next decision was to change hair coloring brands. A girlfriend of mine suggested that I order Special Effects hair color from the net. I ordered two colors: Atomic Pink and Pimpin’ Purple. This time I gently did a bleach-wash and then with the help of my husband I dyed the top of my hair pink and the underneath purple. The color was amazing! Since this dye contains no bleach and no developer and is vegan and pure, it gently conditions as you dye.

  1. The number one “rule” I found to keeping my color so bright: I decided to mix part of the Special Effects color in with my Ion Color-Preserving Masque. Every time I condition I deposit color into my hair. I found that the purple color works better than the pink at keeping my hair pink (crazy I know).

So if you have fashion colors and want to extend the life of your color, try these four tips. Just be sure if you are mixing hair dye into your conditioner that it doesn’t have bleach or developer!

Good luck.


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