Reverse Your Aging with Collagen Induction Therapy

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Reverse Your Aging with Collagen Induction Therapy

Over a period of time, your skin ages with fine wrinkles and lines. The Skin on your face is prone to lines and wrinkle, acne, and many black marks due to pollution in the atmosphere. You can fix your skin-problems with treatment through derma roller kit. The kit-components help in healing your skin with micro medical needles. These needles are injected deep into your skin with an approximate 0.1mm width. A qualified derma roller fixes your skin within 20-30 minutes by following this simple procedure. These procedures help to regenerate your skin from deep within the surface and helps in collagen formation. This treatment takes just a few weeks for the regeneration of the skin. It takes complete care of your skin-health in the long run.

The roller embedded with needles is gently moved over in different directions on your affected area of the skin. This prevents the needles from piercing deep into the skin causing pin prick bleeding. This results in smoother and even toned skin on your facial regions. The facelift greatly improves skin-health besides giving it a radiant glow. This treatment does not affect the basic structure of the skin but nurtures younger looking skin with natural hydration. Normally laser treatments peel deeply into the skin and dry the inner epidermis causing wrinkles and dry skin in the affected area. But the process deployed during induction collagen treatment, with derma roller device penetrates the epidermis thus resulting in soft and smooth skin.

You will be made to undergo the CIT treatment which rejuvenates the skin with the gentle combination of collagen. This process fixes the skin from root-levels. It enriches your skin with extra-nourishment at the epidermis level. It also removes the dryness and nurtures your skin with moisture.  This leads way to type-I collagen growth at the skin base. You can use the derma roller kit with a combination of alcohol or boiling water. This can be used for rubbing and cleaning the wound or peeling of skin for better use. Sanctuary spa announces its skin transformation programs with latest laser treatment. It is aimed at resurfacing your skin with high tech aesthetic procedures. This is a unique method to resurrect the skin affected by chicken pox scars, plumping collagen in the skin; acne scars surgical scars and rugged skin texture. The micro needle though when pears into the epidermis, but it never damages the surrounding area of the skin. Your body is provided with natural wound healing agents of collagen and elastin produced through collagen induction treatment. Collagen helps in plumping your skin and makes it softer.

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