Does Sunblock Make Skin More Oily?

April 09, 2016 1 min read 0 Comments


Oils will naturally be produced by the body help keep skin healthy, but there can be too much of a good thing. Excess oil can lead to congested pores, blemishes and acne flare-ups.

A lot of people will think that using sunblock will make skin more oily and sticky. However, that's not necessarily the case. The fact is, a teaspoon of sunblock (considered the healthy dose) helps control oil and shine. Just skip your morning moisturizer and slather on a mineral-based block that finishes matte.

Look for a mineral based sunblock that is noncomedogenic so your skin will stay matte without clogging pores.  How can you tell? See if sinc oxide is the active ingredient in your sunscreen.  Not only is it better for acne prone skin, zinc oxide it's a safer sunblock ingredient than some of the other chemical actives out there that are used as spf. 

It’s worth remembering that oil production is a normal part of healthy skin. So don’t go overboard in your efforts. Remove excess oiliness when you need to look your best, but be careful to preserve your skin’s natural anti-aging mechanism.

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