At Home Facial Regimen

April 14, 2016 0 Comments

by: Acacia Klaasen


Every once and awhile, I like to pamper my skin and restore it so that it feels nice and healthy. These are the steps I take to do so:

  1. I begin by washing my hands, I don’t want to transmit any dirt from my hands onto my face. I then cleanse my face using a gentle cleanser. I focus on my cheeks and then forehead thoroughly.
  2. I pat my face dry with a towel and use some kind of essential oil to massage my skin. I massage my forehead followed by my cheeks. The massage helps to improve circulation and balance in the face.
  3. I then do a warm compress. I dampen a cloth with warm water and place it on my face for about 30 seconds. I repeat this 3 times. The warm compress helps to loosen sebum (oil/bacteria under the skin known as pimples) and bring it to the surface for easy extraction.
  4. I now use a pimple/blackhead extraction tool. The pimples are now loosened so the process of extraction is rather easy.
  5. I now apply a face mask. The face mask I use really just depends on my skin condition at the moment. I will typically use the “Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay” mask. This mask draws out impurities and dirt leaving the skin feeling squeaky clean and smooth. I leave the mask on for 20 min and rinse off with lukewarm water. I then pat my face dry with a towel.
  6. Finally, to finish off the facial, I will moisturize my skin with a night creme or generic daily moisturizer to insure that my skin is hydrated and healthy. This also helps to restore the natural ph balance.