Gentle Cleaning for Sensitive Skin

by: Amber Cozad


Cetaphil was recommended to me by my dermatologist after I told her it seemed like my back would break out no matter what cleanser I used. She told me that skin can be sensitive to so many things, cleanser being only one of them. Along with mentioning that I should switch to a scent-free, soap-free detergent, she said that I should try a gentle cleanser not meant for acne, but for sensitive skin.

Her reasoning for this was that sometimes harsh skin cleansers end up irritating and drying out skin, causing more breakouts than they prevent. With nothing else to lose, I purchased the bottle of Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser for All Skin Types, hoping that I would finally get some relief from my back acne.

The texture is reminiscent of micro beads: very soft, not sticky, and pretty liquid as well. The directions state that it can be applied during a shower or on dry skin. I’ve found that applying the cleanser to my back on my dry skin before my shower works best. I leave it on while the water is warming, and then wash it off during my shower. This leaves my skin more moisturized than if I apply the cleanser on my wet skin.

I can definitely tell the difference between using this gentle cleanser and a scrub meant for acne treatment. The Cetaphil leaves my skin very soft, moisturized, and clean; with my previous acne cleansers, my back often felt dried out and almost irritated.

The Cetaphil did wonders for the texture of my skin, but not much for my pervasive acne. I still struggle with breakouts, but I fight them with spot treatment creams rather than acne body wash.

I recommend Cetaphil if you are looking for a product that will moisturize and repair your skin. While it does not necessarily prevent acne, it has made a difference in the texture of my scars and the overall condition of my skin. I know that the brand has acne treatment cleansers as well, but I have not ventured to try them since the gentle cleanser has worked fairly well on my skin.

On a more general note, I have found that it is important to closely observe the effects that products—any products—have on your skin. After my dermatologist recommended switching detergents, for example, I realized that the scents and color dyes put in the detergent I’d been using really did leave my skin irritated.

So if you think you might have sensitive skin, take precautions! You can easily switch to scentless products and find out which products are adversely affecting your skin.

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