The Importance of Face Lotion and Sun Protection

May 02, 2016 0 Comments

by: Amber Cozad


When I started high school, I knew almost nothing about skin care. My mother was always kind of a tomboy and did not really prepare me for the world of adolescent breakouts and skin problems. So obviously I knew nothing about different skin types or face lotion’s importance.

In high school I was on the water polo and swim teams, so I was constantly in the sun and in chlorinated waters. After practices I would shower and put lotion on my body, but my face would be so dry that sometimes I could not move it without causing myself pain. I only used cheap body lotion that would cause me to breakout if I used it on my face. I finally told my mother that I wanted to buy a face lotion, and she bought me a tub of face lotion from the local dollar store.

While the lotion itself was pretty moisturizing, it also left my skin oily and did not provide any sun protection. Eventually when I had a couple extra dollars, I splurged and bought myself Aveeno Positively Radiant Daily Moisturizer with SPF 15. I was honestly taken aback by the difference a brand name/slightly more expensive moisturizer made. My face was soft and moisturized, not oily and shiny.

The lotion itself is not too thick and very light; as it absorbs into my skin, it feels light almost like a powder. After just a couple weeks using this product, my face was softer, less prone to breakouts, and was definitely not as damaged after my practices.

Remembering my hours of swim practices, I would now like to make a note about the importance of sun protection. Looking back at pictures of my high school self, I cringe at the sight of my dry, tanned face. I was not at all concerned with using sun screen—if I used it at all, it was as an afterthought or because my friends were all putting theirs on.

My face, however, was dry and so much more wrinkled than it should have been during high school. After I graduated and stopped being in the sun so much, my skin became healthier and much more moisturized. Besides just the negative effects on the appearance of my skin, the excessive amount of time in the sun may have increased my risks of skin cancer in the future.

Now I am hyper-aware of my time in the sun and the amount of protection my skin has. The Aveeno face lotion has SPF 15, and if my body is going to be exposed to the sun I make sure to put on sunscreen before I go out for the day. Even though we may ultimately be concerned with how our skin looks, we should also make sure to keep our skin healthy.