What Foods Causes Breakouts?

May 20, 2016 2 min read 0 Comments

by: Tracy Ming

As we know, using skin care products don’t always work out perfectly, it’s not good enough to banish acne quickly just like that. However, maintaining a good diet will encourage your skin to become healthy and beautiful. There’s certain foods that trigger acne and some don’t. The following below will indicate which foods you need to stay away from in order to keep your acne in perfect balance.



Milk and dairy contain growth hormones and inflammatory substance that block your pores which causes acne. It causes your skin to produce excess oil, which clogged more pores, more acne, and more bacteria's getting in through the hair follicles. Milk and dairy products has IGF-I, that produce more IGF-1 in human which, you guessed it, creates more acne. Dairy glues dead cells together inside the pores, which wouldn’t come out naturally like it supposed to.  

Anyhow, staying away from dairy is the best thing you could do. In order to help prevent your acne.


Spicy foods

Spicy foods contain inflammatory that your body react towards, which causes an increase in body temperature, the sweat that is build up in your pore is caused by the spice, there might be some breakouts, and if you’re the type of person who would generally react to spicy food, you would likely be able to sweat more than an average person. However, the sweat that is produced by the spice will trigger oil to be unleashed in your skin, it traps all the dirt and bacteria which lead to acne.



As you take in sugar, your blood sugar level rises. The pancreas releases insulin, which is hormones that takes in sugar into cells and reduces blood sugar. If you frequently eat sugar, there’s a 100% that you are making more sebum and sending it directly to your face and there will be more clogged pores. So stay away from sugar!


All the foods that are listed above, prevent acne, so please keeping away from these foods now and then. Eat a lot of healthy foods and drink much water as possible, I guarantee that once you stop taking in these types of food, you’ll start to see the results in your face.



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