Four Types Of Acne Scars & How They Form?

May 25, 2016 3 min read 0 Comments

by: Tracy Ming

As we know, acne can leave behind scars when it raptures, when you pick or squeeze the pimple when you spot it, there’s numerous of scars but I’ll just write about four that I know and how they’re form. It’s important that you avoid it and chillax, with out any further or do, continue reading if you’ll like to know them and hopefully figure out which one you have. Let’s start!

Ice pick

Ice pick, are tiny, deep holes in the surface, looks like dotted holes created by a sharp tip object. Ice- pick  are created after an infected cyst, that demolish the skin tissue.

It starts by a Comedone, which is a type of mild form acne, it is build when oil from the Sebaceous glands ( Oil glands) are mixed with dirt or dead cells in the hair follicles.

It than blocks the follicles. Later, when the comedone is already made, bacteria begins to fill the pore, white blood cells starts to go against the bacteria.

In that case, the white blood cells, bacteria, and sebum (Oil) burst in the surrounded area, causing inflammation. The inflammation is pushed down in the skin by pressure that’s created, this can lead to nodules and cysts.

The damaged tissue caused by the inflammation, now the skin sinks down and creates the ice- picked scar.  



Boxcar scars, are round or irregularly shaped skin dents with deep vertical sides formed around by normal skin from the surface. It’s wider than the ice-pick, also they are commonly made after the process of the ice-pick caused by acne breakouts.

When an infected breakout  destroy the collagen ( protein that holds human body together), tissue is gone. There’s no tissue left behind and no support, which an imprint is made. It can appear to be real or not when it’s examined up closely, that is if there’s enough amount of tissue lost.



Rolling scars looks like wide depression or shallow prints in the skin. They shaped round or curved edges, it has a rough lacquering and rippling out look. They are the caused of damage underground surface.

Rolling scars, are caused when tissue bands between the skin and the subcutaneous tissue below. They commonly form a “wave-like” appearance, the epidermis are pulled by these curves, binding and destroying the skin to sink deeper. By this process, the formation beneath the surface creates the rolling scar.



Hypopigmentation are inflamed post, it’s described as dark or red dots that is left behind from the healing of acne. This is more a common scenario, when it comes to scar, people with different ethnicity, has different treatment regardless of hyperpigmentation.  

Hypopigmentation is caused by an infected breakout recovering by itself, once the acne is already healed, dark or red marks depending on your skin tone, tended to leave behind, which is caused by popping or exposition to sunlight, it can take months or even years for the spot to go away naturally. Therefore, triggering the melanin to produce more. 



Those are the four types of acne scars, that I know of, therefore, you’ll identify the ones you're going through or already had. There’s plenty of other types that are further worse than these ones. However, here comes along Banisher, that takes the scars away and you’ll end up with healthy skin once again. For me, the ordinary scars are Hypopigmentation, because teenagers or adults, sometimes are attempting to squeeze the pimple, which yes, you guessed it, leads to Hyperpigmentation. I’m sure there’s more than one treatment for this, it might take a month or so to fade away the scars. Anyhow, that’s all for now, I hope you acknowledge the facts about topic and find a harmless cure.