My First Encounter With Acne

May 27, 2016 0 Comments

by: Tracy Ming

When I turned 13-years-old, my skin started to break out. I freaked out, I rushed to my mother, all to hear I’m going through puberty, and none of my friends were  experiencing puberty yet, so I was kind of by myself. Why do we have to experience puberty like this? I blame you hormonal creatures! I thought it would be adventurous to go through this journey, but it  came with a mortifying partner.

A couple of months ago, my acne got worse, my mom booked an appointment to see a dermatologist. I didn’t understand why my older brothers and older sister haven’t had acne like mine while experiencing body changes. how come I have it this bad? My parents didn’t have acne, I knew for sure I was alone.

My dermatologist suggest I use “ OXY, deep cleaning medicated acne pads” which burnt my sensitive face. I hid in my bedroom with shame, it was summer so I didn’t bother going outside to play with my sister, but there’s still scars left behind from that catastrophe.

I used Cetaphil which controlled my acne, I used it for the whole year. I got wonderful results, some of my acne scars went away. I couldn’t stop looking in the mirror I loved my skin, there wasn’t any sign of acne for the whole year, I thought I got rid of my acne. Until, I ran out of Cetaphil then I notice my acne coming back. I didn’t bother using it for a couple of weeks, so I just washed my face with regular soap. My fear came back, pimples were all over my forehead.

I am 14- years- old now, my acne calm down, but there’s still acne scars. I don’t look at people anymore, I don’t feel confident in my appearance. I just glance at people when they’re not looking, they always questioned why I don’t look at them, but I don’t tell them it is because of my acne scars. Anyhow,  I read so much about the Banisher, I am hoping I’ll receive a free Banisher kit. I just really want my acne scars to go away so I’ll look at people and not feel shy or afraid to let them see me.