Does Aloe Vera Help Sunburn?

June 01, 2016 2 min read 0 Comments

You may have heard of using aloe vera as a natural remedy for sun burns and there is a study that suggests that applying aloe vera on minor burns can reduce the recovery time by up to 8 days.  So, does aloe vera help sunburn? Although scientific studies on aloe and burns are inconclusive, the truth is when you get a burn the only thing on your mind is how to make it stop hurting so much and aloe does provide immediate relief for the pain and irritation caused by sun burns.

aloe vera plant

Why Aloe Vera Helps with your skin:

1.  Aloe vera has compounds that reduce pain and inflammation to soothe the pain or irritation of the sunburned skin.

2. Aloe vera combined with other soothing topicals like oatmeal can add extra relief to irritated skin due to bug bites, sun burn, or poison ivy,

3. Contains vitamins A, C, E, B12 and folic acid to give your skin a protective layer as it heals and neutralize free radical damage

4.  Aloe vera contains the Auxins and gibberellins, they sound like something from a science fiction movie but these are really hormones that help increase wound healing.

Does aloe vera help sunburn? The answer is yes! Even if aloe vera doesn't necessarily make your sun burn go away faster, at least it certainly will help with reducing the pain and irritation you feel from the sunburn to provide immediate relief. 

 Ways to use Aloe Vera

1.  You can apply it directly from the aloe plant leaf by cutting it open and taking out the gel inside.  

2. You can purchase Aloe vera oil which has aloe vera extract mixed in with a carrier oil. The one from Banish uses organic soybean oil as a stabilizer for the aloe. 

3.  There is also aloe vera gel found in store but take a look at the back of the ingredients list to see if there are preservatives in there that may irritate skin.

4. Make a soothing mask on your skin to relieve it of pain and redness by preparing a half cup of cooked oatmeal and 5-6 drops of aloe vera oil then cool it in the fridge.  Take the mixture out and apply it over irritated skin then rinse off.  Follow up by moisturizing with a couple drops of aloe vera oil after.  

Sunburns are different from thermal burns and UV damage is difficult to reverse or heal and can create long time damage on your skin once it happens so it is best to prevent sunburns from happening in the first place.  But I know things happen and sometimes we end up stranded outside in the sun for reasons out of our control.  

If you have any remedies for relieving sun burns let us know in the comments!


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