What is microneedling? Really?

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What is Micro-needling, really? (an in-depth overview)- Written by M.Hart

As I was thinking about the best topic to jot down for you all, I thought to myself, I haven't really done a very in depth approach on how dermarolling really works and effects our skin. In most of my previous articles, I've done a brief run over of how the needles puncture our skin, so you get a basic idea of what the products you're purchasing are doing for you. But, I thought for those of you who are a little bit more of an "info enthusiast", or you're a little skeptical, here's everything you need to know!

Now the thing I'm sure a lot of you thought when you first saw the Banish device (or your first roller in general) was probably not the greatest things. I'm sure, most likely, a lot of thoughts went through your heads, and I want to encourage you all it's not as scary and painful as it looks! It's very simple, and practically painless.

We'll go ahead and start with some information about the product. The Banish roller has 540 micro needles that will be puncturing our skin. These needles are very, verymicro, though they may look bigger in person, you won't be able to see the holes in your skin even with an average magnifying mirror (I've tried myself!). One of the biggest questions and inquiries about a roller is, won't it damage my skin?

Since the needles are so fine and thin, it'll just create tunnels and shouldn't damage your skin any further. What you want to look out for is a hook or bent needle on your roller, which can tear and be very harmful to your skin! Whenever purchasing a new roller, make sure to give it an overview for any of these damaging factors.

When rolling your desired area, the needles will make tiny tunnels (holes) into the skin doing one of two things. First, your body will react to this tunnel as an injury, causing it to promote collagen growth (a process also known as CIT) - which this will then even out your scar's indentation, creating that perfect texture you once had previously! So, we are essentially "injuring" the skin, alerting it to start to re-building the collagen walls.

 Secondly, when we apply our Vitamin C serum on to the skin, the product will rush into the tunnels and do more wonderful things as explained below.

Vitamin C has acidic properties that will slough off and breakdown damaged or dead skin cells. It also has brightening components, which will help brighten up all of the reddish-blue pigment of our scars. Last but not least, Vitamin C is another collagen growth spurt! So you're getting a double whammy using just two products.

Instructions on How To Use! - 

When you're first rolling it can be quite confusing, but it's a very simple device, so don't stress.

You want to first start with a clean face. So just wash up with a very mild cleanser. Try to avoid irritants like exfoliants and chemical peels 24 hours prior.

 You want to gently press onto the surface of the skin and starting rolling back and forth. Roll vertically, horizontally and diagonally. This will help really even out the scar and the skin around it, to make sure you have every area. You can go over the same scar up to eight times. Just don't overdo it! When your skin starts to look like it's getting flushed, move onto another area.

If you have minor blood or spotting, it's no big deal and quite normal. Just hold a clean, damp tissue on the skin to stop the bleeding then proceed to a different area. Please do not roll over a bleeding/spotting area again.

You want to make sure after rolling, you're applying a healing serum of some sort (the Banish one is to die for!). Look for ingredients that contain Vitamin C or E, Kinetin or Retinol. All of these ingredients will help collagen re-promote just a bit faster, and some will improve the discoloration as well!

That's about all there is to it. Once you look into it, it's quite a straight forward process. Good luck!

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