Five Tips for Acne Free Skin

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Five Tips for Acne Free Skin

By Andrea


Have you ever thought of why your skin care routine isn’t working or does not seem to do anything to help your acne? Well, treating that pesky acne is not just limited to using topical creams, scrubs, and masks. There are more ways in which you could treat your acne and have a clear skin.


Here are 5 tips for acne free skin which can help:





Yes, we’ve all gone through this cliché advice so many times and say to ourselves, “Why drink water? It doesn’t seem to have any taste at all” or “No, not a gallon of water per day please…” But do you know that consuming water is a must? So, if you’re only taking a minimal amount of water, be sure to make it a goal to fill up your water bottle and drink it all up by the end of the day. Better yet to make it a habit. It’s time to flush out that entire dirty thing living in your body and face.


Drinking a lot of fluid has its advantages on our skin. When we’re hydrated, we have smoother skin, healthy scalp, our wrinkles get reduced, our eyes become clear and bright, our nails and hair become strong and lastly, our skin is firm. When we lack the fluids we need, our acne breaks out, we get eye bags, our lips become dry, we get red dry skin and have a bad skin tone.







Aside from drinking lots of water, steaming out can also be a good way to get rid of acne. Your skin loves a little bit of steam as much as it loves water. A good option for this would be facial steamers that you could use at home.


Taking care of your skin after a hot shower by steaming is a budget friendly option when you want to save money. Steaming helps open your pores and allow your skin care products to sink in and do their work.






What better way to help treat your acne after facial steaming? It’s putting on those mask.


Applying masks helps you get clearer skin and more refined pores. It deeply cleanses your pores and clears them of dead skin cells, metabolic wastes and clogging oily substances.


Applying a facial mask brings moisture and hydrates those dry and dehydrated skin types.


You can either make your own mask (DIY) or shop for recommended facial masks online. You can also try using  Banish products as this company offers a clay masque and a pumpkin masque which may work wonders to clear your skin blemishes and prevent acne formation. For the  Banish Activated Charcoal Clay Masque, this product removes the deep-seated dirt from your pores and absorbs excess oil while getting rid of your pesky blackheads. It deeply cleanses pores and draws out dirt that may be invading them. The  Pumpkin Enzyme Masque, on the other hand, helps exfoliate your skin and keep your pores from getting too cloggy and avoids the formation of possible breakouts and dries any active pimples fast.






Facial steaming and facial masks may not be enough to treat your acne after a long day from work or school. Taking off your makeup before heading to bed is a must. It’s not advisable to sleep with your makeup on so it’s best to remove it as soon as possible.


Removing your makeup  at night allows your skin to breathe.. but remember to not rely on your cleanser alone. Your cleanser works effectively when you have your wet wipes with you to remove the makeup.





Almost every one of us gets a different reaction to certain foods. What makes us break out may not do the same for others and vice versa. When you think that eating a bar of chocolate makes you break out, then minimize it. Breaking out after eating a cheeseburger and fries or drinking a can of soda? It’s important that we are able to identify what our trigger foods our and exert an effort in cutting off on those foods. Just because cutting them off does not mean you totally can’t eat them.


Aside from these pointers, there are still  other tips for having an acne free skin:


*TRY AN OIL ABSORBING MOISTURIZER– A moisturizer’s purpose is to heal your skin than make it feel greasy. A dermatologist recommends picking a daily lotion which will absorb any excess shine.


*DON’T SKIMP ON SUDSING– It’s best to wash your face 30 to 45 seconds using a pea size amount of face wash.


*WASH OFF ALL YOUR CLEANSER– Don’t leave the washroom with leftover cleanser on your face as this may possibly cause any leftover dirt and oil. Rinse them with lukewarm water until your skin feels smooth and no longer slippery or soapy.


*BE GENTLE TO YOUR SKIN– When you’re scrubbing your skin too hard, it may cause your skin to become rough and red. Skip those scrubs and wash cloths that may be harsh on your skin and likely to cause irritation.


*DON’T SKIP YOUR MORNING WASH– It’s important to wash your face early in the morning as your pillow case absorbs the hairstyling products then transfer them to your skin. Leaving them on until morning can clog your pores all day long.


*USE A CLEANSING BRUSH – Real talk, you can’t clean the insides of those teeny tiny pores with your fingers. Using an exfoliating brush with tiny bristles can do the work by extracting those dirt from your skin.


*DON’T OVERWASH– Skin still feels oily? Try using an astringent after cleansing instead of washing your face all over again as this may make your produce more oil.


*EXFOLIATE – Exfoliating your skin helps remove the dead layers of skin cells and dirt which are blocking your pores and hinders your skin to glow naturally.


*CLEAN YOUR PHONE– Taking care of your skin and keeping them clear of acne requires cleaning your phone as well as it may possibly pick up a lot of bacteria every time you get a hold of your phone and these bacteria may transfer to your skin/face.


Keeping these tips in mind and following them with a diligent skincare routine helps your skin start looking clear, glowing and refreshed.


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