Rice Flour and Honey Mask Are Your Skin’s Best Friend

November 20, 2014 0 Comments

By Kylie T.

As an Asian, I know that Rice flour has been used in beauty products for many years. Many beauty products sold in Asia contains Rice flour as an ingredient., such as masks, face cleaners, moisturizer, etc. Rice flour has lots of vitamins in it and can help you achieve nice flawless skin. It can also help exfoliate your skin, leaving you with nice soft skin! Apart from Rice flour, rice water is also good for your skin. Rice flour is easily purchased from any random Asian market and it is really cheap.

Honey, as you may have heard, is also really good for your skin.  Actually honey doesn’t only work on skin, but also your hair as well! Honey can be used as a facial cleanser, exfoliator, shampoo, lotion, and of course, facial mask. If you don’t have honey in your house, I recommend you to run to your local supermarket and grab some right now! Although honey may seem sticky icky on your face as your mask, its ok! Once you put water on your face when you rise off your mask, the honey will come right off, no hassle! It is great for acne, as it helps soothe irritated skin and blemishes.

As I’m a college student, and don’t have a part time job, I don’t have the money to buy expensive skin products. I often watch beauty videos on YouTube to try and get inspired and do some DIY skin remedies myself. A few weeks ago, I watched a DIY Skin Rescue Remedy video by bubzbeauty and decided to give it a go as it only required two ingredients: Honey and Rice flour. Making rice flour and honey mask is just simple. Just mix it up together with a tiny bit of water and you’re good to go! I tried it out two times a week and oh boy, the results were great! Immediately after I washed away the Honey and Rice flour, I could feel that my skin was better than before.  Right away, my skin felt really soft and smooth! So I really recommend those who want soft skin to try out this DIY rice flour and honey mask!