Tips to Prep Your Skin For Holiday Parties

November 21, 2014 2 min read 0 Comments

Aren’t you excited that the holidays are coming up?  I am! People may think that the holidays are a time where it gets super hectic and busy, which is true too, but I like to think of it as quality vacation time.

It’s one of the few times of the year where most people get at least a couple days off right? And that means time to visit family, friends, or a lover.

Holiday stress can really ruin your skin though and I don’t know about you, but I really want my skin to look my best when I go to my weekend getaway.  

Since collagen production can take up to month for you to see benefits, it’s best to start now so that your skin will look it’s best by the time you go to any holiday parties!

Some quick tips on Using Banish:

Use any serums during the day because they contain antioxidants.  Why? Antioxidants protect your skin so it decreases any sun damage and protects it from pollutants in the air. 

Use anything containing AHA or alpha hydroxyl acids at night.   The glycolic acid masque from Banish and the pumpkin enzyme mask both have exfoliating properties, so you it at night so you can avoid the sun while newer skin is exposed and it lets you rest so your skin can rebuild.

Use the Banish Microskin Roller at night for the same reasons because your skin will be exposed a little more, so you should let it rest while you sleep as your skin heals and rebuilds collagen. Use every other week, and  It could take a month to see good results so start now.

Moisturize everyday

Start using your serums everyday especially if you notice any skin beginning to get slightly dry.   Apply moisturizers like aloe vera or argan oil at night or day for super soft and smooth skin.   Having dry skin puts a damper on the way makeup goes on too.  There are so many times when I tried blending foundation onto a dry area of skin, and it only ended up looking worse because the dry skin got more pronounced and flaky and any wrinkle seemed like it was drawn on.   This is probably going to be the last thing you want when you’re trying out a new holiday makeup look.

Improve your diet

Eat fresh green veggies like spinach and carrots, fruits, fresh fish, and try using olive oil or dressings made with olive oil for healthy omega 3 fats.  These foods also contain lots of antioxidants which are good for your skin and body. 

Just Relax

Stress can not only make you sick, but it can cause break outs, and start dulling your complexion.  No matter how busy your life is, remember to think about yourself and give yourself at least an hour a day to wind down, do whatever you want, and just relax.  Being less stressed contributes to a good night’s rest too.  

Follow these tips to get your skin ready for the holidays, with no regrets.

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