Holiday Gift Ideas: Gifts for Friends and Family

December 10, 2014 3 min read 0 Comments

I compiled a list of great holidays gifts for your friends and family!  Shopping for other people can be pretty hard so I hope this holiday gift guide will give you some good ideas on what to get for the favorite people in your life! 

For the techie who loves having the latest electronics:

The Roku 3

This is one of the best internet media streaming boxes out there.  It comes with favorites like Netflix, Hulu Plus, HBO Go, Amazon Instant, YouTube, and so many more! 

Price: $79.99

Intocircuit Power Castle Battery Pack

This is a external portable battery charger that comes with two USB ports and it has enough capacity to charge your smartphone up to 4 times or give your tablet a full charge!  It has 11200 mAh charging capacity and it comes with a micro USB cable, and a little carrying pouch  This one is a bargain, and it comes in a nice metalic finish.

Price: $27


For Music Lovers:

Moshi Mythro headphones have excellent sound quality and it even comes with a Mic so you can take calls if you’re listening to music on your phone. 

Price: $24

Portable Speakers are great for not just music lovers, but for any purpose! 

Divoom Voombox Travel Bluetooth speaker

This portable speaker is affordable, and offers water resistance!  It’s one of the better sounding Bluetooth speakers out there, and you can find it for under $45 dollars.

Price $40

For your pet – (or maybe for your own personal amusement)

Zack & Zoey Polyester/Cotton Basic Dog Hoodie

Get a pet hoodle to keep your dog extra warm!  These hoodies are made with cotton  and polyester and they come in many different colors.

Price: $10

Gifts for her:

Give the ladies (or even men) in your life a Banish Kit!

These kits come with a roller and serum which work to heal skin and create more collagen.   Acne scarring, discoloration,  wrinkles, and stretch marks can all be successfully reduced and treated with this Kit!  

Price: $57 - $69

Consider giving her a subscription to Birchbox where she can receive several personalized beauty and grooming products at sample sizes, or sometimes a full size.

Price: $30 a month.

Gifts for anyone

Settlers of Catan

A strategic board game that can get very competitive, but very simple to learn and play!  It’s kid friendly and you can probably finish a game in an hour or so, unlike the game of Monopoly which I’ve never finished a full game of in my life. 

Price: $30

On a budget gifts:

Stadium Fleece Blanket

If you know someone who is always going to events, loves camping, or the outdoors, then this blanket is a great gift for anyone at under $20.  Great to keep in the car as an emergency blanket too! Why? Because It’s waterproof, and windproof!  

Price: $20

G.G.Martinsen  mp3 player

Great affordable mp3 player for your kids! With 16 gb of space, you’ll be able to fit hundreds of songs on here and it’s super affordable too!

Price: $20

Banish Vitamin C Beauty Elixir

This elixir is a great stocking stuffer.  Girls will love it as it’s a quick spray on serum and it's organic and cruelty free! This refreshing Vitamin C Elixir helps protect, moisturize and heal skin and it’s great for people who have acne prone skin! 

Price: $15

Hope that these holiday gift ideas help you pick something out for your family and friends!  Most of these items can be found on Amazon, but you can buy the Banish stuff right on our site!   Do you have great holiday gift ideas that you want to share too?  


Also we're running a Giveaway for a contest until Friday!  All you need to do is share your Holiday wishlist on Instagram with #banishacnescars and tag 3 people in it. This is a great way to see what to get for your friends and family too if they participate!

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