5 Easy Ways To Gift Wrap

December 11, 2014 0 Comments

So now that you hopefully have your Holiday shopping out of the way, all you need to do is wrap it up so it looks presentable!  But maybe you really hate gift wrapping because either:

A. It’s too much work!
B. Not good at perfectly folding wrapping paper
C. Not into decorating things.

I actually fall into catergories A and B but I tried out some cute gift wrapping Ideas that are super easy and quick. Most of the materials you can already find around the house. If you're missing something you can get it cheap at a dollar store or basically any department store. So here’s a few easy and cute ways you can gift wrap Banish products, but you can use these ideas for basically anything else too!

1. The toilet paper roll

Use a toilet paper roll to wrap small gifts in.  Whether it’s jewelry, a lipstick, a cool usb drive , or a Banish Vitamin C Serum! I wrapped up a Banish Vitamin C Serum since it fits snugly inside. All you need to do is fold the ends inward and tape shut. 

 2. Add A Candy Cane

The Banish Kit already comes in a neat little case like this, and if you want the gift to peek through just use a thick ribbon to tie a bow and add a candy cane in between for that extra flair.  To completely cover the gift, just put it in a box before wrapping with the ribbon.

3. Paper Snowflake

 Make a paper snowflake to add on top of any gift box and just tie some curling ribbon around it!

You can wrap All Banish Products by putting them in a decorative box, and add the snowflake on top for a unique personal touch! No two snowflakes are alike.

4. The quick and easy way- Cellophane and tissue paper.

Wrap a Banish Kit  with some pretty tissue paper and slip it into some clear cellophane.  Use curling ribbon to tie it off!

5. Letter Gift Tags!

Instead of the tradition name gift tag, cut out a letter from some card stock instead!  A cute way to personalize gifts. 

These 5 gift wrapping Ideas are so easy that no matter how bad you think you are at gift wrapping, your gifts will end up looking great!

Which one is your favorite?