How My Acne Came About

January 06, 2015 0 Comments

By Trelsie Trotman

I always had clear skin up until I had a concussion coming home from dance class in the 4th grade.  I was walking home from my school; which was 2 blocks away from my house at the time and all of a sudden I fell and my face had hit the ground before my hands had the chance to catch the fall. 

At first, when I got up I was confused until a neighbor helped me gather the things that fell out my lunch box. I stormed home crying my eyes out with literally the whole entire neighborhood hearing me, never to know that this very moment would change the way I felt about my skin forever.

 In fact I had an enormous bump on my face which resulted from the fall and the impact on my forehead; it looked horrible AND GRUESOME like something you would probably see in a horror movie.  Most of the skin on my forehead was gone and all there was left was pink and brown spots with blood all over the place. 

With my mother being a Nurse she treated the wounds and wrapped them.  I didn’t go to the emergency room right away because she thought she could handle it. The next day I woke up, my whole entire face was swollen and I resembled a puffer fish. I had blurred vision but there was no memory loss because I remembered the situation clear as day.  When my mother saw this she freaked out and rushed me to the emergency room, where they took the bandages off and scrapped the skin off of the large bruise on my forehead. This process was PAINFUL and I wasn’t even numbed. 

Fast forwarding, I couldn’t wash my face as well as I used to so I began to breakout and it was minimal at first but even after the bruise healed I still was breaking out (On my forehead). However, My mother told me that it was just puberty kicking in and maybe it was, but till this day I believe that if I didn’t have that bruise from my concussion maybe “puberty” wouldn’t have started so soon and I wouldn’t feel like I’ve been battling acne for ages.