My Favorite Inexpensive Acne Products

January 16, 2015 0 Comments

By Trelsie Trotman

I have a lot of acne products that I stopped using for the moment but I absolutely still love them.  So I will list a few for you guys and hopefully some of you had a great experience with them as well! If not please comment and let me know, I want to know your Opinions also!


L’Oreal Go 360 clean deep facial cleanser

              This facial cleanser has salicylic acid in it and it also comes with a scrublet that is supposed to be used for exfoliation.  I had this cleanser for about a year and it made my skin look vibrant and my pores appeared smaller. I stopped using it to try something new but I plan on using it again. Price range $3-7

Clean and Clear Advantage Acne control Moisturizer

              This facial moisturizer didn’t under moisturize or over moisturize my face, it was just right! I loved it and it kept my acne at bay.  I used this moisturizer for the whole summer of 2013 and my face cleared up so well; acne scars and all! It was like my magic wand but when I ran out of it I didn’t repurchase it, I switched up my regimen because I did not want my face to get used to the products I was using.  But I will definitely buy it again! Price range: $4-8

African Shea and Coco Butter

              I live around a lot of ethnic stores here in Philadelphia, so it’s very easy for me to find things like natural Shea butter and Coco butter.  The price for these amazing butters range from about $3-10 and they are worth every dollar because they work wonders on dark spots, acne and they are a great moisturizer.  In fact African Shea and Coco butter can be used all over the body even in your hair too. The butters do have a light smell to them that wears away after it is applied, so if your nose is sensitive to scents maybe this isn’t for you, but these butters are 100% natural and they leave your skin so soft and supple.

African Black Soap

              African black soap is also an all-natural product, it’s actually a really dark brown color and not black; if anyone was wondering.  At first when I included this in my regimen it gave my face a burning sensation for a few seconds and then it stopped.  This soap is very sudsy and it was not moisturizing for my skin but it did leave it soft and smooth after I washed my face.  I also used this in my hair and on my body; it does have a weird scent to it.  To get the best out of this soap I suggest liquefying it, adding natural oils for moisture and putting it in a bottle.  The soap ranges from $5-10 it also comes with a lot in one container so it is worth the money!

*Tips:  All of the natural products I have mentioned do expire, they are natural and they have natural preservatives, so they must be used in a timely manner or bacteria can manifest in them and cause breakouts!