My current Acne routine: Pros and Cons

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By Trelsie Trotman

Dr. Bronner’s Tea Tree (Bar) soap

              Dr. Bronner’s has a collection of soaps and I happen to be fan of the tea tree soap.  Before I used the tea tree soap I used the Almond Liquid soap and I loved it! One special thing about the Dr. Bronner’s tea tree soap is that it has Tea tree oil in it which is an antibacterial, it helps cleanse the bacteria off of your face and you can use it for a variety of other things.  You also can use it anywhere else on the body, it doesn’t have to be strictly for your face but it’s great for acne sufferers.  One con about Dr. Bronner’s Tea tree soap is that it’s very drying and the smell is strong so if you have a pet peeve for strong smelling products this not for you!.  Dr. Bronner’s Tea tree soap is also very affordable and it goes for about $2-12 depending on what state/property you would like to buy the soap in.  For Example if you get the soap bar it will range between $2-6 and the liquid soaps that come in a bottle range from $3-20 depending on what size bottle you would buy.

T.N. Dickinson’s and Dickinson’s Witch Hazel Toner

              I used to use Toners faithfully especially Dickinson’s. But in these recent months I’ve discovered that MOST toners aren’t so good for your skin.  Most toners contain alcohol which dehydrates the skin and it can cause the pores to appear larger.  However before I knew this I had a strict regimen with a facial wash, toner and moisturizing cream.  I never noticed the toner doing any bad to my skin but making it very dry.  I still have a toner in my routine but I try not to use it as often. For instance I would use this toner if I wore makeup that day to help clean off any excess dirt or foundation left behind after washing my face; I also use it after I’ve had a long hard work out. T.N Dickinson’s and Dickinson’s Toners cost around $3-10 depending on where you purchase it from.

Zapzyt Benzoyl peroxide 10% acne treatment cream

              I’ve been using Zapzyt for a year now and I love it, it helps with those random pop up pimples that I tend to get most of the time.  Zapzyt dries out my pimples and it helps get rid of the redness around my pimples when I get them.  However it is important that you moisturize really well after applying Zapzyt because it is drying.  Besides the drying affects it’s an inexpensive product with a price that ranges from $4-7.

AD Ointment (regular) and AD ointment with zinc oxide

              Yes! These two particular products are used on babies; I know that’s what you were thinking.  However they help well with blocking out unneeded moisture for me and the AD ointment with zinc oxide helps with acne scars and pimples because of the zinc oxide it has in it.  I always swap in between the two but it’s important to know that too much of these products can cause breakouts because they also have dimethicone in them which is a silicon that avoids moisture and other cleaning agents from getting into your pores.  So remember to exfoliate using these products and do not use them all the time! Price Range: $3-6


Aveeno’s 24 hr. Moisture Lotion

               Aveeno’s 24 hour moisturizing lotion was what I used as a moisturizer also because the AD ointments aren’t good as an everyday moisturizer.  I loved this moisturizer, it actually felt like my skin was being moisturized with it and my skin felt so smooth and soft in the morning time when I woke up from using it at night.  It also has Dimethicone in it but I never experienced breakouts with this lotion and it didn’t feel like my skin was just plastered with cream like AD ointments makes it feel. This product ranges from around $8-12.

Hopefully this gives you some insight on how to manage your acne, and once you get your breakouts under control you can use the Banish Acne Scars Kitto get rid of any leftover scarring or hyperpigmentation on your skin.  

*Tips: All of these products can be found At A local Rite Aid, Walgreens, CVS, Walmart, Target or maybe a beauty supply store.

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