Natural face masks for acne or acne scars

February 18, 2015 0 Comments

By Irini Mina

 I have tried each and every single one of the natural face masks that I will list below and I thought they worked well on my skin. However, do not expect to see any instant improvement on your acne/acne scars because the skin takes some time to heal itself.

Honey and cinnamon:

Also called "Burning Mask." Get a bowl and add the ingredients (you can add some lemon juice for extra skin lightning - good for acne scars) and mix till you get a paste that is not too runny. Wash your face and dry it and then add the paste, and depending on your tolerance towards the cinnamon, keep it on up to 20 minutes. However, do not add too much cinnamon as it might burn more than expected and then you will end up with a red face for a couple of hours - speaking from experience! While washing it out, you can gently scrub so the cinnamon works as an exfoliator too! Then make sure you tone and moisturize your face! This is my all time favorite mask and is really affordable too!

Lemon juice or olive oil with honey and turmeric:

In the Indian culture this is the facial the brides get the day before their wedding! All you need is a bowl for you to squeeze some lemon juice or olive oil, and then add some honey, and turmeric till you have a nice yellow tinted paste. Always on a clean face, spread the paste and wait for about 30 minutes, and the wash it out. Once you wash it out, you might realize that your face is slightly yellow tinted, but do not freak out - it is not permanent! You can either wash it out with a gentle cleanser, or go ahead and tone your face (the toner should be able to pick up all the yellow tint off your face). You will love how soft your skin will feel afterwards!

Aspirin, honey, and yogurt:

Crush about four aspirins up, and add them into a bowl with some honey, and non-flavored yogurt and mix them well till all ingredients become one. Then apply it to your face and let it dry. Wash it off with lukewarm water once dried (usually takes about 20-30 minutes for it to dry). You will notice a different to the way your skin will feel once you wash your face!