Going from Product to Product for Acne Treatment

March 18, 2015 0 Comments

By Krishna Ra
When I first developed acne, I tried many products on my skin; drugstore products all the way to prescribed topical ointments and antibiotics. Yet my skin was never comfortable with any products I used. I first began using Clean and Clear products. I used these products for two weeks or so but no changes occurred. Instead of the acne vanishing, my skin became oiler. I then looked at Neutrogena facial washes. The products did work for a few days and I was really content. However, a few days later and BOOM more acne popped up on my face and the Neutrogena products went in the trash.

I always had my eyes on the high end products such as Clinique and the Clearsonic but with my school expenses, I couldn’t afford them so I stuck with the drug store products. I did work but my paycheck went to my tuition and books. During summer vacation of 2011, I picked up a few extra shifts at work and bought myself Proactive.  I’ve seen TV ads and YouTube tutorials on how life changing this product was and so I had to give it a shot. I was desperate for anything! When I received my package in the mail, I was happy as a child on Christmas morning.

The first day I used Proactive I was amazed on how wonderful it was. A week into the routine, my face began to clear up little by little. I thought this was the answer to my acne. As I continued using the product, I realized my skin was getting tanner. But this wasn’t a glowing tan, it was more like my skin was burning day by day. I disregard the thought until my friends and family began telling me that my skin looked horribly damaged and dull; so once again another product went into the trash.

I was fed up with trying all these over the counter treatments and so my mother made an appointment with a dermatologist. The earliest appointment I got was in six months. I waited the longest six months of my life; felt more like six years to me. Finally, my appointment came and the doctor took a look at my skin. She diagnosed me with severe acne and excessive oil production of my glands. The doctor wrote me a prescription for a topical antibiotic as well as an oral one. I finished the oral treatment and my acne did get a little better however after not taking the antibiotics my acne rose up again. My mom did not approve of me taking antibiotics for a long duration of time, therefore that treatment was out of the picture.

What ordeals have you gone through to finally get something that worked for your skin?