Whole Foods Only For Rich People?

March 24, 2015 2 min read 0 Comments

By Krishna Ra

There was an article that I had read in the Huffington Post. The article was called, Surviving Whole Foodsby Kelly MacLean. The author writes about her own experience of shopping at a local supermarket that is pretty well known called Whole Foods.

In the article, Kelly points out many contradictions about the “philosophies” of Whole Food customers, employees, and the store itself.  Kelley states that Whole Foods is for rich, white people. While she was shopping at Whole Foods, she skipped the vitamin aisle because the products are highly priced. She describes that aisle as “a danger zone for any broke hypochondriac.” 

However, Whole Foods is a supermarket that carries organic products for individuals who prefer to consume them, despite of what race or economic level they are. The food items are pricey, however if a low economic individual wanted to go in to purchase organic apples, they will be able to.

Whole Foods does not restrict anyone from going into their supermarket and making a purchase. It is not only for rich, white folks. Individuals who shop at Whole Foods tend to have the similar motive of shopping there; they’re part of the culture of eating organic food and living a healthy lifestyle.

The irony of the article was that Kelley is upset on how expensive the food is at Whole Foods yet she still shops there! Why is that you say? Well I believe that food consumption depends on the individual’s education on food. If one is aware that eating organic food is healthy for them, they will have two choices. Either they can completely ignore the fact or they can make eating organic food their lifestyle.

Hence, Kelly doesn’t buy products from Whole Foods for no reason; she knows that she belongs to the Whole Food culture. She belongs to the culture of eating healthy and living a healthy lifestyle. Kelly is investing her money into her own future for a healthier life which drives her to continue shopping at Whole Foods and spending hundreds on her groceries. It’s not Whole Foods that is luring her in; it’s her own culture and lifestyle. As a matter of fact, all the individuals including myself, that shop at Whole Foods are driven back to the store for that same reason.

My acne has troubled skin has driven me to eat healthy. What I put into my body is what shows on the outside. Myself along with all the shoppers at Whole Foods are all part of the same culture of eating ‘whole’ foods.

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