Fight Acne with Organic Food

March 26, 2015 2 min read 0 Comments

organic acne fighting carrots

By Krishna Ra

I began eating organic two years after I developed acne and it is probably the best decision I have made in my life. My skin is improving and I feel as if I have energy all throughout the day! Eating healthy has also made me a better person. I use to be very angry all the time because I would look into the mirror and see a face I didn’t want to see.

But eating whole and natural has transformed my face into something wonderful. My skin is not completely clear but I see a great reduction in pimples. The only hurtful thing is that my scars are still present. Sometimes I wonder (I wonder a lot actually), but I wonder why everyone doesn’t go Organic and then I remembered that there could be some customers out there that would like to eat healthy and organic yet they just can’t afford it.

This is true because I was one of those individuals. I didn’t have money to spend on organic groceries because my money would go to my tuition. However, my grandparents are nice enough to purchase me my products. Money is what makes this world go around and if there is a lack of it, people would jeopardize their health to save up the green in their pocket; they purchase items where they can get more for their dollar.

In my case, I gave my green to my school to pursue an education. None the less, I have worked at a grocery store and I’ve seen young adults who are pregnant come through my line purchasing packets of Ramen noodles, bags of salty, greasy chips, and sugar-filled drinks with an EBT card. You would think that if the government is trying to help these folks out to eating healthy, they should purchase healthy food.

They don’t have to purchase anything expensive, but at least purchasing a gallon of milk just to get sufficient amount of calcium needed for a pregnancy would be beneficial to both, the parent and her child. Once again this is my opinion and I do not mean to offend any individuals. I just wish I can help everyone to think twice or at least look at the ingredients in their food products before purchasing them.

If there is an item in the ingredient list that you cannot pronounce or you have never heard of, please google it and find out what it is! Even the preservatives and food dyes can be harmful to your body and skin. Remember what you put in your body is what shows up on the outside.

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