Battling Acne At a Young Age

March 30, 2015 0 Comments


 By Shanquenett

I have been suffering from acne since about 16, but it was not always bad. My acne during my teenage years were mostly on my forehead. The bumps on my forehead were small but there were a lot of them. I think the cause of my acne then was because of my oily skin. The acne didn't bother me too much, I guess because I was a teen so I knew that it wouldn't last long.

I would wear bangs to cover up my forehead most of the time. I thought that I was done with acne after middle school, but boy was I wrong. During high school I would have a few breakouts here and there. I would bust the bumps, of course I knew nothing about not touching my face. The bumps always went away without scarring. I didn't have a face cleaning routine or anything because like I said before, it wasn't a big concern for me. 

I made it through high school without too much damage. The time it became a concern for me was during the summer time. It seemed like during the summer, the bumps would just flare up. They almost looked like a heat rash. My face would be so oily like I covered myself with olive oil. Some of the bumps never really came to a head, they were just there. I began washing my face with regular soap thinking that maybe my face was dirty from all the oil & sweat.

I would rub my forehead and pick at the bumps because it just felt and looked nasty. My forehead reminded me of a crunch bar. My friend suggested that I use dove soap and a towel to scrub my face. I think I might have scrubbed a little too hard because after a while it started to burn, so I stopped. I gave up and thought that maybe it would go away on its own like always.

This time it took longer than I wanted it to take to go away. I was just left with a bumpy forehead while the rest of my face was clear. I didn't really get bumps on my cheeks or my chin. It was always on my forhead, I guess because that's where I would sweat the most. After a while the bumps on my forehead went down and I was ok again, but I still didn't develope a regimen because I knew nothing about that at the time.