Doctor, Dermatologist, or Spa Which is Better for Acne?

April 03, 2015 2 min read 0 Comments

By Shanquenett Harris

I have been to about 3 professional people to get my acne under control but nothing they gave me seemed to work. The first person I consulted with about my acne was a family physician. She prescribed me some topical gel, which burned like crazy when I got in the sun. She told me to use cetaphil face wash & moisturizer with sunscreen to protect against the sun. I followed her directions but the burning and peeling was unbearable. At the time me and my sister had acne. My sister continued the use of the medication but I didn't. Fortunately for her, her acne went way while mine stayed.

I started trying to find other ways to help my acne. I started using the ProActiv 30 Day trial kit. I wasted my money because it just did not work for me. I decided to go see a dermatologist for my acne since the family physician couldn't help.

The dermatologist was really nice. She explained to me some of the things that might be causing my acne. She told me to cut out chocolates, junk food, spicy food, and drink more water. She also prescribed me some topical gel that did not work for my acne.

I went and followed up with her a month later and she prescribed me another type of gel. The gel that she gave me worked for a little while but not for long. I cannot think of the names right now. Anyways, I lost my insurance, so I couldn't go back to her. My sister told me about a spa that specialized in facials. I looked at their website and decided to give them a try.

The lady was nice and welcoming. She explained to me the different types of facials they had and what type of facial I needed. She told me that I needed a level 2 chemical peel and that I had to do at least 4 sessions for my black spots and acne scars to be removed and for my skin to be clear. Each session would cost me 150 a piece. I did not get the chemical peel but I did get a signature facial where she properly extracted the pimples. She told me to exfoliate because my pores were clogged.

The lasting effect that had for me was getting my forehead to be smooth as ever. Till this day my forehead is still smooth. Now I am trying to get rid of the remaining acne on my cheeks. I have tried over the counter products. Some products worked but only for a short amount of time. I have been using a regimen for my acne prone skin, and I have been sticking to it to see if it would work. For the most part my acne has calmed down a lot. I don't really get the clusters of bumps like I use to. At the most I would get like 3 big bumps on each side of my cheeks.

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