Why Banish? Hope for those with Acne Scars

April 21, 2015 0 Comments

By Alvina Chowdhury

So, why am I so interested in Banish you ask?  Throughout my struggles of having acne for many years, as I have mentioned, I have gone through every mask, prescription, treatment, pills, you name it.  Just as Banish has intrigued me, I have similarly been intrigued by other products the same, except Banish is a little different.

               I came upon Banish about two years ago when I was watching random YouTube videos.  Just like any intriguing product I came upon, I did a lot of research to see if it really works.  I came upon many users on their website as well as YouTube videos that have stated it actually works really well.  I had a job at the time, and with everything I had just spent on acne products or was spending on in general I just wasn’t willing to spend money on another product that sounds great, and works well on everyone, but to only find out it doesn’t work on me.  Granted they have a money back guarantee, but even with that, I was afraid it wouldn’t work.  It shows you how many products have disappointed me.

               Nonetheless, two years later, as in a few weeks ago, I was watching one of my current favorite YouTube user Irene Mahmud Khan and she mentioned Banish!  I was thinking “hmm, this product looks familiar...” and then I realized that this was the same product I had looked up two years ago.  As I did my research again, followed Banish on Instagram, went on their website, and watched many YouTube reviews, I have a sudden hope that maybe this is the one product that will actually change my skin.  Also, Daisy Jing’s story really inspired me.  Her story really gave me hope, and what she did as far as her Banish business is something I’ve always dreamed of doing. 

Because of my acne, I’ve always wanted to become a dermatologist, but going through 10 years of schooling in medicine stopped me.  Though I am not an aspiring dermatologist, I have always wanted to help people struggling with acne, and that’s exactly what she did.  What Daisy is doing now, is exactly what I want to do, I want to help people in every way I can to fight acne.  Not only that but her products are all natural and organic; they almost seem handmade! 

Also, I really appreciate that Daisy gives her customers who can’t afford it an opportunity to be able to earn a free Banish kit.  When I had a job I could pay for it, but now when I am in school and can’t take up a job is when I decided to believe in this product; ironic.  But, a huge thank you to Daisy for giving me and many others an opportunity to share our story and actually earn something that is worth trying. 

 How did you guys find out about Banish?