Tips and Tricks to Get Rid of Acne

April 23, 2015 2 min read 0 Comments

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By Alvina Chowdhury    

               As I have had acne for almost a decade, I have definitely learned a few tips and tricks to cover, protect, and demolish those zits!  Acne is a problematic skin issue that definitely can prohibit someone from being themselves, such as me.  But with a few tricks I’ve learned over the years, it has helped me protect my skin from others noticing how horrid it is, as well as making them go away!          

         When I had severe acne on my chest, I could never go out in public with a low cut or even normal cut shirt.  What I did was either take my hair and cover up as much as I could, or if there were no bumps on my chest, I would use non-comodogenic foundation to cover up the scars.  I never used foundation for my chest if I had bumps.  The one time I did, it made my acne look ten times more brutal.  From that experience, which took place during my sweet sixteen is when I learned to never do that.

               To get rid of acne on my chest and face, I have used toners by Neutrogena, witch hazel, and apple cider vinegar.  If it weren’t for these three toners, my acne on my chest would have remained as brutal as it was few years back.  I am now currently left with scarring, but nothing as close to bad as the horrible bumps I had that looked red and black on my chest.

               Now, most girls will wear pounds of makeup to cover up their acne, but that is something I have never understood.  One should not wear pounds of makeup to cover that acne because it will only cause more, obviously and you'll never get rid of acne that way. Nonetheless, every girl, including I want to hide our blemishes, but there are safer and healthier ways to do that!  I wear non-comodogenic BB cream by Garnier Fructis as well as by SmashBox.  The two not only conceal and hides your pores and scarring but it helps to make the scarring go away!  BB cream has been a tremendous help to my skin because of its 20-35 SPF protection.  It has done amazing to my skin. 

Also, before applying makeup, most girls will apply a primer, but that could potentially hurt your skin.  Instead, what I do is apply non-comodogenic face cream by Neutrogena by their Visibly Even line which includes soy to help the scars lighten and even out the tone of one’s skin.  Nonetheless, these are few tips and tricks that have really helped my skin.  I use products that don’t clog my pores, and products that only help and beautify my skin.

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