Don't use This Ingredient if you Have Acne

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By Ophelia

Two years ago I had the perfect skin. I always had the feeling that I had to do more, use more products on it, and do all kinds of things with it. I never had the need to use makeup because I did not have a single pimple on my face and hardly broke out. As daily makeup I used a bb cream and did my eye makeup. As my bb cream finished, I was walking through the store and saw so many other products. So I decided to try something new and bought a foundation even though I did not need it. A week after using the foundation, I started to break out really bad in my t-zone. I started buying all kinds of products to get rid of the breakouts I had, but nothing helped.

I used the creams I bought at night, and the next morning I put even more foundation to cover the scars and it just made my skin worse. Looking back I realize how much money I wasted on acne products. Later last year I had a friend that was using proactive+, and she gave me some to try. After a week of Proactiv+, 90% of my skin was cleared up. But the scars were still there.

*Little update on my skin*

I have combination/normal skin and if I get a pimple, I get an acne scar even if I don’t touch the pimple at all. So now imagine what the thousand little bumps on my forehead left as acne scars. It was just horrible. I was still using the same foundation, until I came across an article online and realized that the foundation was giving me all the breakouts!!!! So now that I cut that foundation out of my skin care regimen, my skin is doing much better, but the acne scars are still very visible and I have tried EVERYTHING there is.

From dIYs to expensive creams; none of them helped at all.  A couple days ago I came across this YouTube video in which the blogger was talking about her experience with banish and that’s when I went on the Banish Acne Scars websiteand checked it out. My goal is to have clear skin again, so I could go out without having to wear makeup. With all the acne scars on my cheeks and forehead I really cannot go outside without covering them and it makes me feel like I have no to little confidence.

Every day I look into the mirror I wish I would have never started to use foundation even though I knew that I did not need it!! It just made my skin worse. So ladies and gents out there that have breakouts and do not know where it might come from: Please check your foundation for Isopropyl myristate. It clogs your pores and causes skin irritations and seems to be worse for people who have combination skin. 

Do you know of any foundations or makeup products that people should avoid? 

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