2016 Holiday Gift Guide for 9 Types of People

November 14, 2016 2 min read 0 Comments

Not sure what to get as holiday gifts for your friends, family, and loved ones? Here’s our holiday gift guide to help you pick the perfect gift that will make someone's day!

starter kit holiday gift guide  

For the Make Up Artist

1. The Vitamin C Serum brightens skin and we’ve heard from other makeup artists that they love mixing a drop into their foundation or concealers to blend easier, and create a smoother finish.

vitamin c serum 

2. The Vitamin C Beauty Elixir - Used to mist the skin before or after makeup application. Prime or set your face with this refreshing aloe and vitamin infused elixir.

vitamin c beauty elixir

For the Athlete

Don’t let the soreness of leg day drag you down, the pore smasher massages your skin and cools the area to prevent and relieve swelling. Let’s you quickly cool off after a workout too! Added bonus: We’ve heard that this is a life saver for headaches!

pore smasher

3. For Soon to be Mom’s

Many major skincare lines contain questionable ingredients that may have unwanted consequences, but you can trust Banish’s Aloe vera oil, Activated charcoal clay masque, and Banish Kit.


aloe vera oilactivated charcoal clay mask

4. For someone dealing with Acne and Breakouts

The pumpkin enzyme masque, activated charcoal clay masque, and the Battalion!

the battalion

pumpkin enzyme mask

5. For someone with acne scars, or stretch marks

The Banish Kit in medium, Just don’t use it over an active breakout!

banish kit

What if you are breaking out but have acne scars? Got you covered with the Pen Banish Kit! Smaller size to avoid going over active breakouts

6. For Someone Who Has Oily Skin

charcoal mask

Vitamin C Creme, Activated charcoal clay masque.

7. For Dry and sensitive skin friends

aloe vera oilserum

Aloe Vera oil, vitamin c beauty elixir, and the vitamin c serumfor people who's skin is sensitive, red, or damaged. 

8. For the person with large pores

pore smashercharcoal maskpumpkin mask

Pore Smasher, Activated Charcoal Clay Masque, and pumpkin enzyme masque.

9. For Everyone 

starter kit

A kit that meets everyone's needs.  The starter kitcontains a full sized products of each of our customer's favorites and bestsellers, with a large discount! 

You can't go wrong with this gift guide and based on customer's feedback these won’t disappoint. Let us know which Banish item would go in your holiday wish list!

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