3 Steps to Ensure Healthy Hair When Swimming

August 06, 2016 2 min read 0 Comments

Learn to protect hair while swimming with 3 simple steps!

By Annie

Step 1: Get ready before swimming

  • Fresh water shower before entering the pool: This will help moisten the hair, limiting the effects of salt water or swimming pool chemicals to our hair.
  • Hair conditioner should be used before swimming: A layer of hair treatment before getting into the pool has significant effects on our hair. It helps protect hair from the harmful agents in the water.
  • Swimming cap: It will help you restrict some harmful agents, reduce exposure to salt water or chemicals when you are under water.
  • If your hair is dyed, you should apply a thin amount of coconut oil or olive oil to your hair. They will help prevent the oxidation of copper and chlorine stains on the hair (substances usually appear after swimming) and also protects hair from any chemicals and unwanted chemical reaction between your hair dye colors and chemicals in the pool.  

Step 2: Notes while swimming

  • Do not swim or soak in the water for so long: The longer you soak your hair in pools, the more it will get affected.  Instead of being completely immersed in the water, you should be as limited to hair contact with the water as possible.
  • Drinking water during breaks: Water will hydrate your body, including your hair.


Step 3: Do not forget to do this after swimming

Wash your hair off with fresh water immediately after swimming: This is the fastest and simplest way to remove the harmful substances clinging onto your hair. After returning home,  just shampoo preferably with a sulfate free shampoo and rinse out your hair.

Use a conditioner: hair conditioner helps repair your hair and get the smoothness back. Adding some leave in conditioner is extremely effective after a swim.

Add water and vitamins from fruits: This is the natural way to help hair recover quickly, safely and efficiently.


Moisturize your hair: You can use a moisturizing oil, or simply use natural products such as coconut oil, olive oil, avocado, or yogurt ... This is very easy to do!




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