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by: Maryam

When I was attempting to get rid of my acne a few months back, there were three very important tips that I kept overlooking until I came across a video on YouTube. These tips were so extremely easy that we do on a daily basis that I am almost 100% sure everyone fails to notice we are doing it wrong, and hence only worsen our skin condition.

Tip 1

The first step was to never dry your face with a towel. When you dry your face with the towel, bacteria starts growing on it and therefore you put those bacteria back on your face every time you use it. Even after washing the towel, you are not 100% sure if those bacteria are completely gone. It is recommended, to use a paper towel every single time you dry your face, throwing it away and using a new one every time is a very good way of preventing the growth of bacteria which would also help improve the condition of your acne.

Tip 2

The second step that we easily overlook without realizing is letting fragrance touch our faces. In other words, good-scented lotion, facial washes, cosmetics or even shampoo. We have to always make sure to use fragrance-free lotions or face washes because our faces are sensitive. The fragrance incorporated in these products can actually do more harm than good to us. Even with shampoo, the best practice is to face away from the water and tilt your head back so the shampoo washes out of your hair and away from your face. This, in turn, will prevent the shampoo with fragrance from dripping down your face avoiding further skin irritations that may aggravate your current skin condition.

Tip 3

The third step that we also overlook daily is not changing our pillowcases every two to three days. When we sleep every night, the oils and dirt on our face accumulate on our pillowcase, and the next night we put our face on the old bacteria, oils, and dirt from the previous nights. This way, bacteria builds up and our acne condition will get even worse. Have you observed that when you sleep usually on your right side and acne occurred more on the right side of your face? But start changing your pillowcases every 2 to 3 days and you will be amazed by the improvements.

If you try these 3 easy steps, I am sure you will see a drastic change in your overall acne condition. I have learned these simple tips from experience and we can all use a good reminder for these easily overlooked tips. 

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