Mask of Makeup: Trials and Errors of a Makeup Fanatic with Acne

June 26, 2015 2 min read 0 Comments



Mask of Makeup: Trials and Errors of a Makeup Fanatic with Acne

By: Megan

             YouTube has opened my eyes to a whole new world of beauty. I’ve always been a makeup fanatic. One constant that I have used for over 10 years and running is the Neutrogena Skin Clearing foundation with salicylic acid. I have stayed with this foundation since I discovered it. I’ve used it for so long, I’m not even sure if it works to clear acne but I would never use any other foundation for fear of how my face would react. Face powders have changed throughout the years. I’ve tried Wet ‘n Wild, Physicians Formula, Neutrogena, Bare Minerals, and many more. Bare Minerals was by far my favorite and looked beautiful on my olive skin.

            It wasn’t until I started watching YouTube that I discovered concealers. I only use a concealer if I have a pimple arise and need it to be as covered as possible. I have seen a lot of videos where contouring and highlighting is a must; many beauty gurus show how contouring where there is acne or scarring can minimize the appearance of uneven skin and such. I started to follow that advice but my skin started breaking out with tons of blackheads where I applied any contouring so I’ve had to stop.

            Because I have needed such heavy coverage throughout the years, I’ve had my share of mishaps with my face color. I remember my mom buying a cream foundation from Proactive, and once I slathered my face with it I swear I could have auditioned to be an Oompa Loompa. I’m sure others that have suffered from acne have similar stories, and can hopefully look back and laugh.

            I am a waitress, so if I want to make decent money I have to feel confident and look my best. The dreaded fluorescent lighting that exaggerates every possible imperfection has definitely had an impact on how I wear my face makeup. Oil absorbing sheets are a lifesaver, especially in the summer months. Coming up to a table and greeting them with a nose so oily they can almost see their reflection is not a good way ensure my confidence. I have heard of some amazing products that I would love to try; I know I’ve seen and heard great things about the Dermablend concealer.

            Since I am constantly running around at work especially in the heat of the kitchen, I have been using the Neutrogena Shine Control Primer under my foundation. In my opinion I don’t think it controls shine as much as it just helps the foundation stay put. I’ve never heard of makeup setting sprays before watching gurus on YouTube either. I’ve tried the E.L.F. setting spray but I thought the NYX brand was much better at keeping a matte finish all day. It’s overwhelming looking at the amount of options available for every aspect of beauty so finding a good product and sticking with it is what has worked for me.