Knowledge is Power Ladies and Gentlemen!

June 30, 2015 2 min read 0 Comments



Knowledge is Power Ladies and Gentlemen!

By: Megan


            There are so many people out there, especially on the internet, that have tried anything from Accutane, to Proactiv, to prescription antibiotics, and everything in between to help with their acne. I have shared some of the at home remedies that have worked or not, also some of the cleansers that have been effective in clearing my acne. There are some options that I have either tried, or read other’s experiences with prescription medication. I have been on a few antibiotics including doxycycline and tetracycline. Both have helped, although they didn’t give me amazing skin, they helped keep the breakouts at bay. They especially worked around that wonderful time of the month when my skin goes from a decent canvas to trying to conceal the Himalayas.

            I love looking at pictures of Victorian families, turn of the century actresses, any vintage pictures of women actually. Their skin looks like silk and their makeup (if they have any on) looks amazing. With all of these products that are available today, I wonder if just keeping it to the basics is what we should keep in mind. I mentioned in a previous blog the mind-blowing amount of options for anything skincare related. After drowning in product after product for years, it seems that the most simple of skincare routines have turned out to be the most effective. A cleanser, a toner if needed, a moisturizer and a spot treatment when necessary are all that, in my opinion, are needed. Getting your skin looking amazing starts from the inside. Water flushing the toxins out of your body is a noticeable process. The plumper texture of my face, the slow but apparent improvement in my overall appearance has made me exchange energy drinks, pop, etc. for good old H2O.

            I’ve also done research on the chemicals that are put into the products most of us use everyday. It’s amazing to me that while trying to fix problems such as acne, we are sometimes providing an environment where acne can thrive. I encourage everyone to read up on the ingredients that are in your face wash, moisturizer, makeup, and anything else you buy. Knowledge is power! The more we know the better we can take care of ourselves. In a world that is overrun with hundreds of companies all competing for our business, and claiming that every one of their products is the best, we have to have the knowledge to decide for ourselves which product is actually going to safely and effectively work on our skin.