Who Needs Exercise When There’s Diet Soda?

July 02, 2015 2 min read 0 Comments


Who Needs Exercise When There’s Diet Soda?

By: Megan

            We hear these words over and over again. The redundancy is almost annoying. Exercise daily. Eat healthy. Drink lots of water. For someone that has suffered with acne and has the scars to prove it, these three tips work not only to keep you healthy but also make your skin look amazing.

            Exercise. This word has been known to strike fear in even the toughest people. Finding the motivation to get your running shoes on everyday and feel the burn is a struggle all on its own some days. In high school I was in cheerleading which meant exercising six days a week. Once I graduated, dedication to such a structured routine went out the window. Flash forward 10 years, 2 children, and a work schedule that would make some people cry, self-discipline to stay in shape was desperately needed. I decided to go for a walk with my children once a day. Once we got used to making time for a walk we stared increasing the distance of our walks, and eventually the pace. Before I knew it, I was jogging while pushing both of the kids in the stroller. I was supermom and feeling great. My skin went from dull and hollow to vibrant and full. I had to drink more water instead of loading up on coffee and creamer every morning. That alone helped my complexion tremendously! The fact that my legs went from cellulite central to chiseled doppelgangers of Gisele, (at least in my mind) was also an excellent perk!

            Eating healthy. There’s a pesky voice in my head when I go for the chocolate brownie and not the bowl of fruit. “Don’t eat that!” it says. That little voice is right, most of the time at least. While I was exercising and drinking water like a fish, I realized I was also eating better. I felt better eating more wholesome foods, had more energy to exercise, and in turn, my face looked so much better. The chain reaction of living healthier is quite amazing once you try it. I did try going on a vegan diet, just for the sake of trying to eliminate anything unhealthy from my diet. That lasted about 3 weeks, which was when I couldn’t take it any longer and ate the stash of sandwiches from the BBQ joint my dad worked at. I don’t follow rules well, especially dieting restrictions and such, but I have found that making a healthier choice each time I eat has gotten me to consume healthier foods all day long. I hope this helps anyone out there that is trying to make a few positive changes in their lifestyle, and I can absolutely vouch for the benefits these changes have for our skin and our general well being.

            The answer to the title question is we all do. We all need a little healthiness to make our inner beauty glow from the inside out.