I Dislike the Word “Acne”

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I Dislike the Word "Acne"

By: Liz

Acne is an embarrassing word for me. I would much prefer to say “I have pimples, or zits,” but I suppose that acne is truly what I have been battling the last 15 years of my life. Not just a silly blemish on my face. My breakouts started when I was in middle school. As every young girl’s body was changing, so was mine. Acne was just one big part of this change. My breakouts were manageable, but I was a perfectionist and just wanted to feel beautiful in my own skin. I was embarrassed by my skin and wanted to hide behind makeup all of the time. I paid a visit to the dermatologist and I was prescribed strong creams and an antibiotic. After a little bit of use, I definitely saw improvement in my skin. However, my skin was dry, flaky, sensitive to sunlight (which I love being outside) and I was getting white spots all over my face from the peroxide in one of the products. I was not cool with this! I stopped using that specific cream and the discolored spots on my face disappeared.

In high school, I still dealt with breakouts, except they were getting worse. I remember becoming an avid face washer at this time. I would wash my face in the morning, wash it when I got home from school, and maybe twice again before bed. My skin was always irritated, but I just thought, “the cleaner the better.” On days where I had a very noticeable blemish, I would beg my mom to not make me go to school. My begging never got me what I wanted (nor should it have), but on those days I wanted nothing more than to just lay in bed and feel sorry for myself. I was still using the prescribed creams daily and taking my antibiotics regularly, but these things were just not doing the trick anymore. I was off to college, and on to new acne remedies.

I believe it was during my sophomore year in college that I started taking birth control. It seemed like the next best bet and quick fix for my skin. While I definitely saw huge improvements in my skin, I still hated the fact that I had to rely on a pill to help control my acne. Fast forward about 10 years to today. I am 27 years old and I do not remember my skin ever looking this bad. I quit taking birth control this past December because I knew I could not rely on birth control forever and I was no longer comfortable with putting extra hormones into my body. My acne decided to flare up in March and it was the worst hormonal acne I have ever experienced. My skin is still recovering from my breakout last month and I have scars all along my left cheek that I cannot wait to see disappear. I am so excited to try the Banish products!

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