FATFACE Skincare

FATFACE Skincare

By: Liz

I love trying new products! Especially skincare products. Last year, I came across a new skincare company called “FATFACE Skincare.” I was researching the oil cleansing method and stumbled upon them on Instagram. I immediately went to their website, www.FATFACESkincare.com and liked what I saw. They sell natural and organic skincare products that are free of preservatives and chemicals. And what’s even cooler is that they use tallow from 100% grass fed cows (this makes your skin “moo” with delight). I had started the oil-cleansing method (if you have not tried this method I highly recommend it) before I came across FATFACE, but the ingredients in their cleansing oil looked amazing so I gave it a try! I started with their 4 oz. cleansing oil for normal skin and also bought the 1 oz. myrrhaculous face cream. Both items together cost me about $52 (not including shipping), which was probably the most money I had ever spent on skincare products. I just could not help myself!

I wish I would have taken pictures before I started using these products, but I can honestly say that my skin is smoother and less irritated than it has ever been. I had a really bad breakout last month, and these products have been nourishing and healing my skin really well. I still have many stubborn scars left for the Banish system to take care of! I also use this microfiber cloth every time I oil cleanse. This has really helped remove all of the dirt and debris from my skin. What I love about the FATFACE products, is that not only do they make my skin feel amazing, but I know that I am putting quality ingredients into my skin. It only takes 26 seconds for a product to be absorbed into the bloodstream, so I am always mindful of what I put into my skin.

I haven’t been able to afford to switch to organic or all natural skin care products for everything. I still use off-brand body lotion and a few other things, but I look forward to the day when I can purchase body butta from FATFACE. While FATFACE products are top notch, there are many other organic and all natural products that are awesome. While trying new products can be expensive and scary, I have found that when I try a new product with healthy and nourishing ingredients, my skin thanks me and says, “Please don’t ever go back to using those harsh creams and chemically filled products!”

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Unfortunately, I had the opposite effect. My skin dried easily and I was looking for a natural way to clean and moisturize it. I had no blemishes. Always had clear skin. Only problem was the dryness from the other cleansers. My sister loves fatface products and suggested I try it. I did. I noticed my skin breaking out. I commented on the blog and was told to continue. It was the toxins leaving my skin. It got worse, and now I have these red dots that won’t go away and I continue to break out. I stopped after two months. The damage is done and I’m unhappy with what has happened to my skin. I thought after 6 months, it would go away, but it hasn’t. I will be making an appointment with my primary so that I can get a referral to a dermatologist. These red dots won’t go away and it’s because of the fatface products. Has anyone else complanned about this reaction?

Guicella Gonzales

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