Essential Oils

July 08, 2015 2 min read 0 Comments

Essential Oils

By: Liz

I have recently joined the essential oil craze. Last year, when I was switching to the oil cleansing method, I stumbled upon Young Living Essential Oils and started researching what these oils were all about. I read many reviews of people claiming that these oils were a cure all for many different skin issues such as acne, psoriasis, eczema, etc., so of course I wanted to give them a try! I could not dish out all the cash that Young Living’s starter kit cost, so I decided to go to the local health food store and purchase a few oils from a less expensive line. I bought lavender and tee tree oil to start out with and enjoyed the smell, but was not seeing great results. I assume this was because they were not 100% pure, therapeutic-grade oils. Finally, last November, I had saved enough money to purchase Young Living’s premium starter kit. This kit included about 10 different oils, a diffuser, and some samples of their other products. I was hooked within the first week.

Not only did they smell great when I diffused them, my skin was looking and feeling better. The frankincense and lavender essential oils were my two favorites for skincare purposes. The lavender was very calming and moisturizing for inflamed pimples or dry patches, and the frankincense targeted some of my scarring. The money I spent on the starter kit was well worth it, but I am finding that I use them more frequently than I thought I would and they do run out quickly. Young Living’s frankincense is especially expensive, so I found an oil, Elemi, also referred to as “poor man’s frankincense,” which has many nourishing and healing properties. I am learning to use all of the oils more sparingly. In addition to making my skin feel amazing, I have also found that essential oils have amazing healing effects on the common cold, allergies, indigestion, heartburn, migraines and much more.

Oils are definitely a multi-purpose products and my husband is even starting to enjoy using them! As many products, there are many other brands of 100% pure, therapeutic-grade essential oils that people rave about. I chose Young Living Essential Oils because they have a great reputation and I have family members who use them. I highly recommend this brand! However, I definitely encourage you to research different brands and choose for yourself. I have many friends who love the Doterra Essential Oils, so feel free to check them out as well!