July 09, 2015 2 min read 0 Comments


By: Liz

Hormones have been a cuss word for me the past few months. Like many, I started taking birth control in high school to help fight acne and minimize menstrual cramps. I never really knew what I was actually putting into my body and did not realize how much relapse my skin would have when I came off of it in December. Since coming off of birth control, my hormones haven’t quite figured out how to balance themselves.

Every month, my skin flares up with painful pimples and by the time my skin clears up from the previous break out, a new break out erupts. It just feels like a never ending cycle and the love hate relationship with my skin proves to be true month after month. Last month, I had finally had enough. I had already spent way too much money on products that claimed to stop hormonal acne (and of course continued to have issues), but I came across a product that I knew I had to try. I researched this product for about two weeks, read many positive reviews, and decided to pull out the credit card one more time for the sake of my skin. I purchased a supplement called Estroblock about 4 weeks ago.

This product has been an absolute skin saver for me this past month. The title threw me off a little bit as it sounds like it is blocking estrogen production, which would not be good! However, it allows your body to keep the good estrogens while ridding your body of the bad estrogens. I didn’t even know that some estrogens were considered harmful! I still have a lot to learn about estrogen production and hormone balancing, but what I do know is that Estroblock works for me. I had the worst breakout of my life last month. I would say I got 20 new pimples last month and 10 of them left scars on my left and right cheek bones. I took Estroblock for three weeks and only had about five new pimples this month. I honestly couldn’t believe it! Not only did I have far fewer pimples this month, I also have far fewer acne scars to treat. If you think you have hormonal acne, I recommend this product over anything I have ever tried. It’s definitely worth a shot. It is even safe for men! I have been taking a probiotic and other supplements as well, but I know that Estroblock is the leader in results of my supplement pack.