1 Step Forward, 10 Steps Back

July 13, 2015 2 min read 0 Comments

1 Step Forward, 10 Steps Back

By: Liz

Do you ever feel like you are taking some big steps forward with your skin, only to find that a couple weeks later it reverts right back to its pimpled old self? That’s how I feel right about now and I am ready to vent! I have tried so many different products over the years (as I am sure you have, too) and they seem to work for a short period of time and then my skin just freaks and says “NO MORE!” I have tried Proactiv, Murad, Neutrogena, Clean and Clear, all natural soaps, oil cleansing, essential oils, manuka honey, clay masks, and a handful of other products that claim to be the skin savior.

While some of the products or methods I mentioned do work better than others for my skin (oil cleansing, honey, and essential oils), my skin still has its freak-out breakout moments that make me want to say bad things. I have been so tempted to go back on the pill, but I know that is only a temporary fix to the problem. I think my next step is going to be clean eating and/or the paleo diet. I am sure you have heard of this before as it is quite popular right now! I have heard people rave about the paleo lifestyle and how they look and feel better than ever when sticking to what the cavemen ate way back when. Those who eat paleo do not eat grains, legumes, dairy, or anything processed. They stick to meats, vegetables, fruits, some nuts, and a few other diet staples. My husband and I have dabbled in this lifestyle, but have never completely cut out grains, legumes and dairy. We love ice cream way too much!

However, I am desperate for a change in my skin and am willing to give up tasty things to achieve that. There are so many paleo resources available (cookbooks, restaurants, products, etc) that will make the adjustment easier. I already have a cookbook, Well Fed, and the recipes look amazing! It will take quite a bit more meal planning on my part as now I cannot just put a pizza in the oven, but I welcome change and a challenge. I want nothing more than to have clear skin, so if this is one step closer to that desire, then I will give it a shot! Who wants to join me on this journey?