My Acne Story

July 17, 2015 2 min read 0 Comments

My Acne Story

By LaTara Harris

I started to get acne at the age of 12 when I entered junior high school. Unfortunately, my family wasn’t that educated about acne, even after my older sister began with outbreaks first. I don’t ever recall going to a doctor about it. Therefore, I thought it was just a part of puberty and that it would eventually fade away. At least for my sister it eventually did. Here I am, almost 30 and still dealing with acne. While it is much better than when I was younger, the fact of the matter is I still have outbreaks.

Even more so, I have dark scars in certain areas of my face to further prove it. I remember my mother always wanting to pop my sister’s and I pimples. Since we didn’t know any better, we allowed her to. Never thinking about the final result….acne scars! Eventually, this led me down a road of popping my own pimples. I went on throughout junior high school and high school with acne problems, even to my young adult years. For some odd reason, it did not dawn on me nor my parents to seek professional help about my acne issue. Actually as I ponder more about it, I don’t recall ever seeing it as an issue or as an insecurity of mine. I mean, yes, I hated breakouts, but I never considered it to affect my beauty. I think my weight was more of a concern than my acne.

Thus, I have struggled with low self-esteem, but my acne was never a cause of it. Today, I have confidence in myself and I know that I am beautiful—inside out! How much I weigh nor the scars I have on my face does not define me! I am an overcomer! As I got older and became more involved in my own health, I began to take better care of my skin. When you know to do better, you begin to do better, and that is what I exactly began to do. I began to invest in myself. I have tried various products to help prevent acne. As I went down this road of discovery, I found out that some products worked and some didn’t. Ultimately, I became more enlightened about my very own skin. I found out that some of the causes of my outbreaks were due to the change of seasons or to what I was eating or due to simply touching my face with my germy hands! (Hear more about that story in my next post!) Currently, I do not use any popular brand product to prevent my outbreaks. I simply use a daily cleanser, which is organic and I keep my face moisturized. While I still have outbreaks from time to time, one of my main concerns is about my acne scars. Thank God for Banish Acne Scars! I am pretty excited to get my try and leave the past right where it belongs…in the past! Bye, bye acne scars!