Hands Off

July 20, 2015 0 Comments

Hands off

By LaTara Harris

There is no ONE reason why acne problems exist. Some say it's hereditary while some say it’s from the foods we eat. Others debate that it’s due to our hormones, while others debate that it's caused due to dirt or even by the make-up women wear. Again, there is no one cause, but I do remember being told to keep my hands off my face.

It was one of my high school teachers who told me. He informed me to keep my hands off my face because our hands carry the most germs throughout the day. Until that moment, it had never dawned on me not to touch my face. Whenever I was bored in class or wherever, I resulted to picking on my face. However, the more I reflect on it, it wouldn’t have dawned on me because my mother began to pop and burst my pimples when I first began to break out. If you read my acne story, you would know that my family wasn’t well educated about acne and what was the appropriate way to handle acne.

As a result, I began to bust and pop my very own pimples. I became a pimple popper! I was so used to doing it. I even found myself picking on my face unbeknownst or unaware. Finally, it hit me. Could I be a part of my acne problem? Was I the reason why I have had acne breakouts? I finally saw the sun…it opened up my eyes and I saw the sun! Since that day, I have tried my best to keep my hands off my face. Unfortunately, bad habits don’t die easily. Still to this day I find myself with my hands on my face—picking or busting a pimple with my germy hands. I never thought about or considered the long lasting effects it would have on me.

Therefore, as I write this post, I make a vow to myself. My vow is to keep my hands off my face. I vow to touch my face only when my hands are clean and stop popping my pimples. I am determined to kill this habit once and for all! Also, I think it is a great time to increase my daily routine in washing my face. I think by adding a mid-day clean may be good, at least if I’m not wearing make-up. Also, shortly I want to invest into a Clarisonic. I hear they are really good!

What about you? What can you do to have healthier skin? Are you just like me…always touching or picking on your face? Well, my best advice for you is to stop, immediately! Remember, hands off!