Edge controls and Acne

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Edge controls and Acne

By: Tianna

If you have never heard of “Edge control” you cannot possibly live on this earth. Even though edge control is more common among black girls and girls who have some form of texture in their hair like curly hair or kinky hair mostly everyone knows about it.

What does Edge Control Have to do with Acne?

        This is a great a question! Edge control is a pomade some have the consistency of a taffy or of a solid gel. During the day these pomades, gels or taffies begin to liquefy and leak down your forehead and temple areas. Of course most people do not notice this because it is not really something you look for during the day when you peep into a mirror. But after a while edge control builds up in pores of the skin surrounding your hair line and mini white bumps start to appear.

Some people might not even recognize what the edge control is doing to their skin. When using edge control it is important that you exfoliate and cleanse the areas of skin on the face near the hair line thoroughly to help prevent build up that causes pesky breakouts.

What is Edge control and why is it important?

        Asking what edge control is or what it does is sort of a Bimbo question because it explains itself. But for those who might not know Edge control basically controls your edges or as most people would like to say “Lays your edges to the Gods”. Edge control is extremely important because it completes a style and it allows your hair to be very sleek and shiny. For instance when your hair is flat ironed sometimes from humidity the hair around the hair line begins to frizz, this is definitely not cute if you have a fresh silk press so that is where edge controls stepped in to help.

         Edge controls did not begin to rave the way they are now until about 2011 till present. It was actually a project that came about to try to find a solution that can help combat coarse hair, fly a ways and frizziness, and when the formula was prepared shipped out and demonstrated on a client at a Beauty Expo BOOM! From there on out edge control was the thing to have. It is important to know that there are different brands of edge control.

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