Bridget Redmond's Acne Story

July 20, 2015 2 min read 0 Comments

When I was growing up, I always had perfect skin, and then BOOM one day my Junior year I broke out like crazy.The cycle began, and the discomfort set in. I was so embarrassed of my skin. I thought how in the world am I suppose to go and be in all my sports, clubs, and activities when my skin looked gross. My parents told me they had acne when they were my age, and that they both took medication that made it clear up. When you look at my parent's skin you can't even tell that they once had bad skin. My parents told me they would take me to the doctor. Long story short, no medication, no cream, no birth control, and no store product helped my skin! It would get dried out and then be clear and then break out again. I luckily was really good at doing make up, so that way I could cover every inch with Clinique acne foundation, and that is where I found comfort in my own skin was by painting my face just so I could go live my life.

It was horrible and I will never forget the pain that came along with it. My Senior year, I was able to get my skin somewhat under control by healthy eating, drinking tons of water, working out and doing a green clay mask. I thought this is my life, I will always get break outs, but hey least they aren't as bad as they use to be..right? WRONG. I was so upset still. I didn't want to feel like I always had to wear make-up all the time just to feel decent liking. I wanted to go store, workout, and just be care fee with no make up on. Finally, one day I came across a page where someone was promoting Banish. That is when I decided this is for me!

I saw the pictures, read the reviews, and knew if I wanted to get rid of these scars and what acne I had left I needed something natural and safe. That is when I ordered the pumpkin masque, then aloe, then the different sprays, and now the charcoal masque. These face products changed my life and made me feel like myself again. I am a loyal customer and have recommended over 15 friends to these products. Each and everyone of them has loved it! They all order because they saw my incredible results! I don't even have too wear make-up anymore, and when I do it is a light powder. I can't thank Banish enough for helping me feel beautiful without make-up on. My friends always said I was pretty with he makeup on, but it is nice to hear it when I am all natural. SO if you want results for you skin then you need to order this stuff! It is so amazing and changed my life for the better!! 

-Bridget Redmond