4 years with acne

August 03, 2015 2 min read 0 Comments

4 years with acne

By: Nell S.

The most upsetting thing that has happened to me, is acne. I went from having a clear skin to it now being a face with pimples and scarring from previous ones. Somedays I feel like I have good skin day but it’s still not that good that i can go out without makeup. I’m afraid that someone might see my skin and judge me.

 I have never had bad acne but at the age of 13, i started developing pimples. It was a couple on my forehead but i was never bothered by it because they were mostly the color of my skin.

Now at the age of 18 it’s much worse. I’m about to leave for university and this time of my life isnt good. I have a hard time going out and it’s hard facing the people in the past who have seen me with good skin.

I’m afraid to go swimming because you don’t wear makeup when going to the beach.

I always put concealer and foundation on so that my scars will be less noticeable but how am i supposed to deal when it's summer? I’m afraid that people will ask upsetting questions or that they will give me a thousand methods when i’m a health freak and i’ve already tried a bunch of things.When i developed acne, i shied away from the public eye but i dont want to stay hidden anymore. I have already consulted with a lot of dermatologists but nothing has helped. For 4 years, i’ve been battling with pimples and i have used several creams as well but to no avail. It has affected my self esteem and i’m more insecure than i’ve ever been before.

I want to find a product or treatment that will clear my skin and also reduce my scarring.

I’ve used a bunch of products, clearasil, acne wash, proactive and more but nothing has worked. I’ve also tried some home remedies but i haven't seen a difference.

Whenever i look in the mirror, i only see flaws. I cant seem to find myself in the picture.

I don’t like what i see, it’s painful and it feels like people are getting grossed out whenever i go out in public because of my face.

I dont want it to take over my life, i am so unhappy. I just want to feel like me again instead of a monster.


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